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Excellent Ways to Get Straighten Hair Naturally

Straight smooth and shiny hair suit on every shape face. Women like straight hair for casual and functional look. Mostly women use numerous products that some time irritates their hair skin. If you are also pass from allergic problem you must need to learn about home straight hair ideas. Don’t forget us we are still here with our super genius mind ideas that always share valuable information with you.

Budget Straighten Hair With Eggs& Olive Oil:

1 olive oil and egg for straight hair (2)

As you know olive oil keep your hair moisturized and egg give strong and healthy hair the use of these two help you to get naturally straight hair.
•    Beat two eggs in a bowl and mix it properly with addition of 4 teaspoon olive oil.
•    At next step apply this mixture in your hair and then comb.
•    Leave hair at least 45 minutes then rinse with fresh water.

Easy Straighten Hair With Aloe Vera:

2 aloe vera for straight hair (2)

Aloe Vera fill with numerous enzymes that also help in hair grow thing. Soft and silky hair leaves batter effect on your personality. Due to these facts you can naturally get straight hair, learnt treatment from below!
•    Mix half cup aloe Vera gel in warm olive oil.
•    Massage the mixture in hair scalp for few minutes.
•    Cover your hair with towel or shower cap for one hour.
•    Rinse it and apply any best suitable shampoo for hair wash.

Naturally Straighten Hair With Banana:

3 Banana mask  for straightened hair (2)

Take 2 bananas and mesh these, 2 teaspoon yogurt, olive oil also mix in it. Blend the ingredients and use it in hair for 30 minutes. After passage of time wash your hair as usual. Feel love with your hair. So easy and enjoy full treatment of straighten hair.

Long Time Straightens Hair With Soybean& Caste Oil:

4 soya bean and castor oil for straight hair

You will need 2 teaspoon castor oil and 1 soybean. Heat both ingredients until warm then leave for cool. Take massage with finger in hair roots and wash after half hour. After wash cover hair in a towel and then naturally dry.

Straighten Hair Through Milk Use:

5 milk for straight hair

Its too easy and chemical free straighten hair product that also keep healthy your hair. You will need just 1/3 cup of milk that rinse in a bottle. Maximum 30 minutes before ready to shower the hair spray milk. When time end wash hair and repeat treatment after one week.

Perfectly Straight With Coconut Oil:

6 Coconut Milk for straight hair

Coconut oil makes glossy hair with its high benefits. Root out milk from coconut adds lemon juice in one cup coconut milk. Refrigerator the mixture for one night and next morning apply in your hair. After one hour wash with cold water and get naturally straight hair.

Enjoy Fuller Earth Naturally Straighten Hair:

7 fuller's earth mask for straightened hair

In easy wording fuller earth know as “multani mitti. It can also help in to get rid from pimples. Learnt how make mixture from below!
•    Make mixture with one egg, 2 teaspoon rice flour and at last one cup of fuller earth.
•    Add enough water that mixture become thin. With the help of comb apply the mixture.
•    Leave for one hour and then wash with water.
•    Spray milk on hair for 15 minutes, its time to use shampoo hair.

7 fuller's earth rice flour and egg for straightened hair Egg-White-Face-Mask-with-Oatmeal-for-Exfoliating-600x522 z


Don’t use these naturally hair straightens treatments more then 2 to three time in one week.

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