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How to Make Sunscreen in Home for summer

Sunscreen is a lotion spray or gel that can apply on your face fro saving sun block UV rays and help out for sunburn. Now most of sunscreen is available in markets for renowned brands. These sunscreen are costly or having chemicals.

So, they are dangerous of your face. Here we introduce some homemade sunscreen that can helpful for your sun block or sunburn. These homemade sunscreen can have no side effects and helpful to make fresh your skin in summer season.

Here are some homemade sunscreens.
• Tomato sunscreen
• Lemon juice and water
• Aloe Vera sunscreen
• Lemon and honey sunscreen
• Oatmeal sunscreen

Tomato sunscreen:

Tomato is healthy food and helpful for sunscreen. Tomato juice or tomato paste is also helpful for sunscreen. You may also use tomato paste on your face for sun screening and get beneficial effect on your face.




Tae a tomato pulp and apply on your face till 1o to 15 min. then leave it with cool water and get freshness in summer season and it is best homemade sun screener.

Lemon juice and water sunburn remedy:

Lemon juice is natural antioxidants properties. It can also helpful for skin burn.


• Lemon
• Water


Squeeze fresh lemon and take out their juice in glass bottle and add water on it. Mix it well. Take a cotton ball and sip in this water and applyon your face neck hand arm or skin burn area. Leave it for 10 to 15 mi and wash it cool fresh water and get freshness on sunburn sin.

Aloe Vera sunscreen:

Aloe Vera is soothing sunscreen that can heel for sunburn.


• Aloe Vera jell
• Avocado oil
• Carrot seed oil


All ingredients mix it well and make a paste and apply on your face as sun screener.

Lemon and honey sunscreen:

Honey and lemon juice is also one of the great homemade sunscreen that can helpful to save your skin UV rays. It can have antioxidants properties that can helpful to sun block.


• Lemon
• Honey


Take one Tb spoon honey and mix it half lemon juice and mix it well. Apply on your face and leave it 10 to 15 min then wash your face with cool water and get cool and fresh your face. This sunscreen saves your face sunburn and any kind of sin allergies.

Oatmeal sunscreen:

Oatmeal sunscreen is best idea to heel your sunburn skin.
Ingredients: quantity
• Uncooked oatmeal ½ cup
• Milk ¼ cup
• Honey 2 to 4 Tb


Grind the oatmeal till powder foam then add milk and honey. Make a thick paste and apply on skin burn area till 20 min. then leave it after 20 min and clean with cool water.

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