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How much Olive Oil Benefit in Women Life

Olive oil is natural oil that rich in monounsaturated fats. It help full in women everyday life issue. Olive oil also benefit in insulin level, sugar control, weight loose, skin issue. God gifted qualities found in olive oil. Most chef and doctor also recommend you to use olive oil in daily life to improve your health.

According to a research Greek people 20 litters use olive oil in a year and 2 litter per people in Australia. Many secret benefits found in olive oil. How olive oil useful in women life learn from below!

Olive Oil for Makeup Remover:

Olive oil has astonished effect in women life. Women gently use olive oil for makeup remover. Use a bit of olive oil on cotton pad and softly wipe on face for removing all the makeup. In case of heavy makeup apply massage of olive oil and then wipe it with washcloth saturated with warm water.

Repeat it for couple of time and at last wash with cold water. Keep care not treat you face harshly.  With this process and use of olive oil you can easily clean all over makeup from your face even the water proof makeup.

Olive Oil Face Mask:

Enjoy your homemade face makeup with the help of olive oil. Take one teaspoon olive oil mix with one egg yolk, and one tea spoon lemon juice. Actually lemon juice is rich in vitamin ‘C”. Use this mixture n your face for 5-10 minutes after that wash with cold water. Regular use of mask makes your dry skin soft and glow.

Olive Oil for Hair:

Olive oil is also best for women hair issue. What you should do with olive oil learnt here. Within 15 minutes you will enjoy better result. Mix two teaspoon olive oil with one egg yolk and lemon juice. This olive oil mask leaves for 15 minutes in your hair and then wash with shampoo. With simple treatment your hair will become soft and shinier.

Olive Oil for Pregnancy Aid:

Olive oil not only assists you in face issue, hair dandruff while better for pregnancy. Use of olive oil improves your child psychomotor reflexes.

Olive Oil For Heals Cracked:

Women mostly face cracked heel issues that normally occur due to more use of heel shoes. If you’re cracked heel disturb you in performing your duty and putting best foot on floor start olive oil. Make mixture of olive oil and lemon juice for soothing and moisturizing your heel. After few days use you will know how olive oil best for your skin.

Improve Your Nails:

Women want to keep their nails long and health. Olive oil can improve your nails health. With use of olive oil you enjoy trendy nails for your wedding day or any other function. You need 2 to 3 teaspoon olive oil in which you can easily dip cotton ball and then dab on nails for 30 minutes. Wash with normal water not too cold and warm.

Help In Breast Cancer:

According to Saudi Arabian study olive oil has natural compound that help in breast cancer. Use can use olive oil in cooking to relief from breast censer. Another clinical trial that was conduct in Spain found women that used olive oil in their diet has less 62% chances to contras breast cancer.

Olive Oil for Weight Loss:

Losing weight is not easy but now it become possible with the use of olive oil. Are you like Italian pasta or salad with olive oil and watch yourself how to lose weight. A study of Harvard school of public published the efficacy of olive oil best suited in weight loss.

Olive Oil Relief Constipation:

Olive oil help full in stimulating the digestive system. When you are use olive oil on regular base then completely relief from constipation. Olive oil help in increasing body movement through your food can move without problem. In this oil vitamin E, iron, 6 fatty acid, omega-3, and antioxidants are found. These all nutrients useful for your health and keep save you from constipation. You can use the oil in different ways.

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