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Natural Effective Fairness Face Mask Ideas

Effective fair skin is the dream of every woman. They want that their skin always glow and shine. For this purpose they use chemical product that make fair their skin glow for few days. After passage of time your skin turns to your born color. With the regular use of these types of product your skin becomes pale and damage.

For effective fairness face skin we give you natural homemade mask ideas. With the use of these masks you can make your skin fresh, and fair.

Take these ingredients like 1 cup of water tea, 2 tea Spoon rice flour, and ½ spoon honeys. Then mix these things apply on face till it dray but not leave for more than 20 minutes. After using this mask wash your face with cool water. Use this mask for two week after then you get shimmering and glow face skin. Honey keep your face skin moisturize and rice flour act as a scrub.

For natural fairness skin these shorts cut tips are best for all women. Rose water glow your face skin and keep clean it from dust. Yogurt, lemon juice, turmeric powder, and almond oil mixture use regularly on your face skin for few days. After then you get fair and bright dreamy face skin.
Cost free and easy tips for fair skin take healthy diet and drink maximum glass of water in a day. Wash your face skin three times in a day.

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