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Remedies to Getting Rid from Dandruff in winters


Stress, diet changes and hormonal fluctuations are common reason of generating flaky white dandruff.  Dandruff is the simple reaction causes due to the overgrowth of skin oils. In winter season dandruff highly attack over your scalp as  we do not pay attention  on diet, lower the water  drinking habit and also take alcohol and other products to keep yourself warmer. But it damages your heath and also effect hair growth. Dandruff causes to feel you assume when it fall over the shoulder. It spoils your style and increase stress, so be conscious and try to get rid from this problem.

Home Remedies to Treat Dandruff:


When you find any proof of dandruff in your hair quickly follow this instruction to overcome the dandruff.
•    Reducing mental stress
•    Changing diet
•    Avoiding alcohol
•    Lowering sugary products
•    Taking aspirin
•    Channing showering routine
•    Tyr another shampoo
After doing all these things but do not has any benefit then make another effort by using these tremendous home remedies  which hundred presently works in winter season and also makes you hair health and stronger.

Tea Tree Oil:


Adding few drops of tea tree oil in shampoo have great advantages can’t explain in word. It works best in hair growth as well as removing dandruff which is the most serious problem in winter.  If you want quick result apply small amount of tree oil on the scalps and scrub it nicely. Let it for five minutes   and then washed it away. It gives better result just like Tea oil shampoos which contain about 5% of total amount.

Apple Cider Vinegar:


Apple cider vinegar is the most common natural ingredient in all kitchens as it has lot of heather benefits. It knows as an active agent which fights against fungus.  You can select it for dandruff treatment.  Take equal amount of water and Apple cider vinegar and mix them in bowl. Keep is aside for few minutes as it completely mix up with each other,   apply this mixture on hair. Washed hair before applying Apple cider vinegar as it work properly. Massage the scalp and eave it for 15-20 minutes and then rinse off.

Orange Peel:


Oranges are more common in winter season which is the gift of God allow you to stay healthy throughout the season. Orange peels well for skin and hairs.  It contains acidic as its citrus fruit helpful in reducing excels oils which become a great cause of dandruff.  Orange’s peals also work as hair conditioner.  Take fresh orange peels and pour in food process along with lemon juice.  Bring it out when it converted in smooth past. Apply paste on head scalp and stay for 30 minutes. Finally wash it off with shampoo.  Repeat this process thrice in a week for quick result.

Neem Leaves:


Neem has great history. From ancient times Neem leaves used for medication. It packed with incredible ingredients beneficial for humans. It contains antiseptic properties which help you to remove dandruff from hairs and make them glowing and shiner.  Pluck fresh leaves from Neem tree and make a paste in food process and apply in hair roots for best return. Leave it for 20 minutes and then rinse off with lukewarm water. You can also wash hair with Neem boiled water if does not want to apply paste.

Fuller Earth:


Fuller earth commonly known as Multani mittiin Asian countries is effective remedy for dandruff.   Fuller earth hair packs easily available in market which fights against the dandruff by removing excess oil. It best solution heal against skin allergies and irritations.  Take fuller earth hair pack, water and lemon juice to make a paste. Genteelly apply it on hair and scalp and stay for 20minuest finally rinse it off with fresh water.



Fenugreek is natural remedy for hair treatment especially work best while removing dandruff from hairs.  If give amazing result if you soak fenugreek seed in water over night. Next morning make a paste in food processer and apply on hairs and scalp. Wait for an hour and then wash off with fresh water and mild shampoo.  Repeat process 2-3 time in a week for 100% result.

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