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Best ways to drape dupatta with lehenga in Pakistani style

Leave old style of lehenga dupatta wearing and follow newest one to carry fashion in best way. Dupatta wearing style varies from nation to nations. Pakistani girls have less option to style lehenga in relation to Indians. But now, Pakistani fashion is quite developed. You can get several inspirations from runways and other fashion spots. There are endless possibilities of draping dupatta with lehenga both for party and big-day looks. Scroll down page to collects newest ideas.

Casual drape with secure tie at wrist:

It’s very elegant and easiest way to drape lehenga dupatta work in both routine and wedding looks. You can call it classic style. It looks fabulous if you carry blouse and lehenga in heavy embellishment and dupatta is in lights. Simply pleated the dupatta in narrow and pin it at right shoulder after adjusting length of the pallu. Now take the other end of the dupatta and secure it by pinning in around waist in loop style. Make sure just dupatta bride is visible. If you not feel comfortable with wrist then tuck it into lehenga waist in left side.

Cocktail lehenga dupatta wrap:

Simple dupatta wraps will give royal feel. This one is awesome when you want to give statement coverage to both lehenga and Choli. We call it cocktail style. Modern girls love to carry for edgy looks. This way you can accentuate look. Pleat dupatta set on left shoulder and pin it for strong grip.

Now bring one end of the dupatta in front from backside after setting its fall to knee length. Finally tuck it in lehenga waist at the same side you put it on shoulder. It’s cool dupatta wearing style show off silver skin of your waist. Try it if you perk up cropped blouse with open or low back.

U-style lehenga dupatta drape:

U-style lehenga dupatta wraps is awesome trick to carry heavy look in best ways. Elevate your style with this ultimate method for enthrall appeals. Smoothly pleat your dupatta at the end and put it one left shoulder. Now secure it with pin after adjusts pallu lengths that might be lower than your waist. Simple bring other end in front from your back in right side and tuck in waist. Same looks also grabs if you first tuck one side in waist and bring other edge in front from back. Choice if your either you pin on shoulder of carry it on arm.

Pin dupatta at shoulder and carry on head:

Exquisite you look with lehenga dupatta drape design. Dupatta wearing style should be simple and more casual if lehenga carry with elongate shirt. Long high-low shirt with lehenga now crowded in Pakistani Fashion. Nicely pleat your dupatta and put it one shoulder, as dupatta end touch keen, secure it with safety pins. Now wear dupatta on head right in back closer to the shoulder with visible border.

Simply cowl gathered dupatta at back:

Awesome! Heart melts after looking this drop-dead gorgeous looks. Follow latest trend to carry dupatta. Here we take inspiration from Pakistani fashion show runways. Bride simple gathered her dupatta and brought it front from back. It’s amazing to carry dupatta without pining. Must-have the look if you going to dress down heavy lehenga with heavy shirt in same style.

Over the heads and pin with wrist:

Pakistani bride carry dupatta in different style for Indian bride. Traditional look carry through wearing dupatta on heads. Here is captivating way to drape dupatta in formal style. First wear your dupatta on heads and bring one end down inside the arm from front while other take in front from backside and cross at left

This is awesome trick to carry dupatta without making extra effort. You can do it if lehenga completely accentuate with heavy embellishment. Light dupatta on one shoulder with pleated and simple cross dupatta on other arm in front.

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