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Eye-Catching Tassels to Charm-Up Lehenga

Small, stylish and beautiful tassel are catchy details make your dress look more attractive. Tiny tassel let you embrace with boho elegance. Tassel is staple part of lehnga and blouse that seem in fashion from date back era.

Mostly these know as latkans. Basically tassel is for fun and attraction but sometime bring in functionality. These tassels swing down (at the end) with drawstring that added for adjustment.
Tassels are of different type give subtle-chic look to any outfit. Here we bring attractive tassels for lehenga.

Pom-pom tassel:

Tassel is forgone decorative details that gain huge attraction. It richly seems in modern fashion around the globe. Pomp-pom elegance and tassel double the worth. Funky and eye-catching tassels transform simple dress into standout pieces. Delights and softness are other features that increase pom-pom tassels. These tassels are adorable enough.

Ghungroo tassel:

Ghungroo tassels are all time favorite when it comes to wedding or any functional lehenga detailing. Sweet tiny bells mix with different details to make opulent tassels. These tassels accentuate lehenga charm and also create sweet rhythm with moment which grabs attentions.

Kalira tassel for lehenga:

Kalira is traditional wedding staple has much more importance for bride. These are in heavy designs that are much more difficult to carry and these are not for another wearing. Making gorgeous lehenga tassels is coolest way to reuse your Kalira in purposeful way. It blooms lehenga charm.

Fabric tassel:

Easy and quick homemade tassel make you feel more glamorous. This way you can add personal touch into lehenga designs. Fabric tassel pinch slight sophistication and versatility. You can make tassel with different fabric either in multiple colors or in monochromic hues. Fabric, bead and yarn tassel pull to gather to make dreamy-chic lehenga latkans. You also flaunt blouse back with bunch of fabric tassel.

Beaded tassels:

Beaded tassels are for instant statement. Multiple beaded decorative tassels make lehenga look even fancier. Match tassel with dress color or with embellishment for impeccable balance. Quirky hand beaded tassels are available in rick style. You can make them at home or buy from market as you feel ease.

Pearls latkans for lehenga:

Pearls are super-chic for accentuating lehenga look. Faux pearls made latkans catch. You feel absolutely stunning with pearl tassels. These tassel suit to any color lehenga and with embellishment.

Vivid color latkans:

Colorful tassels are extremely festive choice to add extra freshness and charm into look. Vivid color tassels with all those hues make back look even flirtations. Must-have these tassels to for pop of colors and funk into your outfit.

Gotta tassel for lehenga:

Gotta is girl most favorite widely work in making special even dress designing. Fancy gotta made tassel are breathtaking inspirations that pinch enthrall grace. These contemporary style lehenga tassels also blend into ant style.

Mirror tassel for lehenga:

Mirror decorative lehenga tassel are incredible unique designs glow lehenga charm, these switch extra elegance with moments. Here are different mirror embellished tassel that you feel difficulty in moving eye off. Mirror make drop-dead gorgeous combination beads, pom-pom, Silk thread fringes and pearls.

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