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Romantic Lace Shoulder Wrap Style

Enjoy your dream wedding with shoulder wrap that additional accessory for modern look of bridal. In our collection pearl, embroidered and lace shoulder wrap are include. Bridal can perfectly match shoulder cap with her decent wedding gown. Actually shoulder wrap is European style but now ever bridal wants to wear with her strapless gown.

Sheer, tulle and chiffon fabric shoulder wrap is easy to set on shoulder where these don’t slip. Each color available in lace shoulder wrap so you can get easily.  Look below!

Black Tulle Lace Shoulder Wrap:

I offering you black tulle lace shoulder wrap that bridal wear with strapless white gown embroidered lace shoulder wrap cover up the bridal with square sequin stud. Warmth black shoulder wrap perfectly match with bridal white gown. Bridal evening shoulder wrap made with tulle lace is light in weight. Lace shoulder wrap accented with velvet embroidery that fluffy feel.

Pearl Embellished Shoulder Wrap:

Cute pearl embellished shoulder wrap is luxury wear bridal get with blush pink pleated bodice gown. Short sleeve shoulder wrap bridal set with pearl button that joint and make round neckline. Sheer fabric selected for shoulder wrap because it light weight and comfy feel in summer as compare to lace.

European Style Shoulder Wrap:

Enjoy European style shoulder wrap with that elegant beauty of bridal become. Ivory sheer fabric embellished with stone lining. Color of stone used in shoulder wrap match with bridal tulle gown. Round neckline shoulder wrap is luxury wear that attract people. In day wedding beads lining make shimmering impression. With this look of wedding gown you get royal look.

Beaded Shoulder Wrap:

Glamorous beauty of bridal become with beaded tulle shawl. Sun kissed heavy embellished shoulder wrap has fringe tassel. With bridal white silk gown beaded wrap is perfect idea. How much you will look sexy in beaded embroidery shoulder wrap can take idea from above image.  Length of shoulder wraps touching bridal waist and cover up his silk gown open back.

Chiffon Caplet:

Ivory chiffon fabric shoulder caplet decorates with sequin scalloped edge and fringe.  Sequin astonished caplet pair with bridal waist belt long gown. Yet bridal caplet is simple but stunning look when wear with style. Bridal can easy to get chiffon caplet and on self base decorate it. Bodice length caplet is unique from shoulder wrap with front covering.

Floral Embroidery Shoulder Wrap:

Bridal sheer shoulder wrap decorate with floral beaded embroidery. Front open style shoulder wrap give delicate appearance. Bridal now can easily match the jewelry with shoulder wrap embroidery work. Little size hook add in neckline of shoulder wrap to wear it in perfect way. Sheer short sleeve shoulder wraps good idea to enjoy dream weeding.

Ivory Chiffon Shoulder Wrap:

Ivory chiffon shoulder wrap features “O” neckline and 3d flower embellishment. Wedding wrap round neckline define with cute flower that enough for eye-catch beauty of bridal on her big day. You can trim 3d flower at home over sheer fabric to get bridal shoulder wrap. Cover up the shoulder wrap from back with button of hook. You can also buy online bridal shoulder wrap.

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