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Best Beauty Tips for Teen Girls

It a sensitive time for teenagers that physical change occur rapidly and also effects their appearance and beauty, unwanted hairs, black sports and pimples creates problem for teenagers. Hormones are bigger reason to increase the amount of sebaceous gland that produces high amount of oil which becomes greater reason of producing acne. Every teen girl want look nice and beautiful while she goes outside with her friends and fellows.

Beauty is basic element to look pretty here we come with some flawless beautitips for teens that make you beautiful and gorgeous.

Acne solution


Pimples and acne is major problem faced by teenagers caused due to hormones productions. Clogged skin pores with sebum (type of oil) creates pimples. To protest you face   follows these tip that restricts the production of acne and also unable then to leave their marks.


Wash out face twice a day good quality face wash or natural remedies.

Avoid scrubbing face while watching gently massages for cleansing.

Avoid to pop pimples otherwise it push infected mater deep into skin cells.

Drink plenty of water.

Don’t touch faces with finger and other material.

Use sun cream to protect face form harsh sun rays.

Moisturized Skin


Moisturized skin is best solution for good and cute skin as it remove dryness and nourished skin cells with keep it glowing and fresh so wet face with fresh water and apply good quality moisturizing creams and lotions after washing faces it will remove dirt and extra oil form skin cells and make your skin gorgeous.

Skip Foundation


Makeup assumes staple part of women life style yet teenager has to avoid foundation to cover their acne. Thicker layering of foundation may cause to remove innocence and natural beauty that God gifted you. It will make you bigger form you real age. So it’s best to avoid applying foundation on face.

Applying Concealer


Cover up dark sports and blemishes marks with concealer by patting it over blemishes and then apply powder or tint moisturizer as foundation. Avoid rubbing concealer.

Avoid Overlapping Make-Up

Look simple and apply less makeup to look pretty. Small amount of eyeshade with thick coat of mascara makes you gorgeous. Light gold is best eyeshade of teen girls. Apply pink blush on cheeks for girlish look. Light pink, nude, peach lip gloss give fuller touches to your makeup.

Hand Care Tips


Hands are visible and elegant body part. Beautiful and soft have defined you beauty so here is some tip for hand caring.

Apply good quality moisturized to moisturized hand skin that keeps its soft.


Never bite nails it bad habit and also eclipse hand beauty.

File nails properly and gives them oval, almond and square tip shapes which glow hand charm.

Avoid keeping too long nails as they are not for you.

Hair Tips


Beautiful faces carry beautiful hair. It gives you healthy and prettiest look so take care of you hairs as become gorgeous.

Moisturize your hair to keep them health.

Deep conditioning is best to control any hair damage.

Blow dryers and curling iron damage hair so it good to stay away them.


If you face hair losing and split hair problems then follow natural home tips to protect your hairs.

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