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Best eye-brow color for Asian women


Asian women are more attractive beauty and admire throughout the world because they have gorgeous figure and skin tone that give them distinctive and appealing look then other. Asian women have god gifted beauty have lighter, medium and darker skin tome with eye-pleasing features. Asian women are fully aware about their beauty. They adorn to look more beautiful as they can rule over hearth.


Beautifully shaped eyebrowns transform you look if you give them perfect color which may decide according to many factors like age, hair color, event, eye color and skin tone. Color completion is greatest factor which influence you ways of styling. Basically Asian skin is in light, medium and pale tones.

Darker skin tone


Are you really tried to get perfect look which makes you gorgeous. Darker color tone is bigger challenge for most women yet you bring chic and appealing accent and define your charm. Shapes you eye browns according to your face shapes and then pick a right color for them which highlight eyes. Lighter shades are best for darker faces   and also apply for those who have darker hairs colors so try light shade like brunette and grey color best for them.

Lighter skins


If you are lighter or pale skin then darker eye brow colors are suitable for you. Asian women mostly have darker hairs. Darker black is best suited with dark black blonds with give fuller and daring look. Darker brown brows add warmth and appealing touch in your personality.

Black   brow colors


Black powder on brows highlights brow on lighter skin and give best look with brown or blond hairs. It also looks nice if you have darker black hairs. Apply one or more later shades then you hair for natural look otherwise it look odd.  Use too much power from and give slight to the ends.

Dark brown eye brow

Eye brows are gateways of the eyes   elegant and chic color eyebrows glimpse almond eyes of Asian women. Snails have light eye brow and if they have they remove them for shaping so they have to get fuller look with color pencils and filler products. Medium and darker brown filler color is best for Asian women.


Brunette hair with brown brows


Blond tint for lighter skin



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