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Best Tips How to Remove Dandruff from Hair

Today every man and women is facing the hair dandruff. This problem occurs due to these reasoning when the fungus grow on the scalp. Due to this effect dandruff is emerged in the hair. Dandruff has two type when your scalp is dry and due the maximum you of oil. General causes of dandruff are these irregular uses of hair brush, infrequent shampoo, due to illness, excessive use of product, and improper diet.

We tell you some easy and cost free tips for rid of hair dandruff. For removing dandruff you can use castor and olive oil, neem leave, olive oil, camphor and coconut oil, lemon juice and coconut oil.
For rid of dandruff you take two table spoon lemon juice and equal amount of heat coconut oil. These two mixes apply on the scalp and leave maximum 20 minutes. After this treatment you wash hair with any shampoo.

Use boil neem water for rid the dandruff. For this tip take neem leave and boil in water then wash hair. You can also use this water on the body for acne purpose. Regular the use of olive oil is also best for ridding dandruff from the hair.

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