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Bobbi Brown Dior Lancôme Captivating Rouge Summer Lipstic

Cosmetic can be traced back to ancient civilization. Particularly the use of lip color was prevalent among the Sumerians, Egyptians, Syrians and Greek. Lipstic and facial pants are the most noticeable ways to change our appearance. In the long prehistoric period lipstic were made only from readily available natural sources. In these natural resources include fruit and plant juices.
As early civilization started appearing in the Middle East, North Africa and India advance manufacturing process enable mankind to start producing new kind of lipstic. Women from the Indus valley civilization use lipstic regularly. The resources of lipstic returned in 16th century during the dramatic fashion changes that were implemented by English Queen Elizabeth. Her fashion style of stark white face and brightly –painted lips was popular for some time. After that lipstic used only low class women.
In today’s lipstic were viewed as one of the most important fashion item. Lipstic are cheap, easy to use and can create dramatic changes in the look. Countless lipstic brands fight for worldwide supremacy and invention of new styles.
In our collection many lipstic brand are introduce with you include Yves saint Laurent, Bobbi brown, Guerlain, makeup forever, Estee lauder, Dior, Chanel, NARS, Lancôme, MAC. You can select right brand for their lipstic.
Different lipstic shades are include in our collection like fearless, captivating, famous, innocent, rouge. You can easily apply these shades of lipstic on your lips. With the right lipstic shade it can actually intensify the color of your eyes and help slim your face.

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