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How to Remove Dark Circles with Natural Ingredients

Dark circle around your eyes eclipse face beauty. Dark circles are discoloration under eyes known as dark circle. Dark circle produced due to aging, strass, work overloading, lack of sleep and unhealthy diet.  Don’t obsess about dark circles.

Most women visited to doctors and apply expensive product for removing these spots. Along few benefits these product have many side affect that can damage your skin.   If you get rid from these dark circles follow these inexpensive healthy tips. Nature is your loyal friend it so use natural products like coconut oil, potato, Tomato, almond oil, lemon juice, turmeric  to remove dark circle.

These natural ingredients are beneficial to for dark spots around eyes.  Massage gently with almond and coconut oil before sleeping and washed away in next morning with cold water. Repeat this step until dark circle disappears.

Put slices of cucumber and raw potato on eyes for removing dark circles.
Sock cotton pad in rose water or lemon juice and put them you close eyelids.
Tea bags and cold compress are effective techniques for removing puffiness around eyes.


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