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Marni 2017 Amazing Fashion Accessories Collection


Always highlight the Marni latest accessories with you as earlier, today enjoy 2017 fashion jewelry, hand bags, belt, shoes, sunglasses, in this collection. Big size bag, sling back shoes, square round frame sunglasses and long earrings all are love and cheap accessories. You can match all accessories with your dressing and can attend the night function. Amazing statement earring and nastro belt are unique lease of life. Look below for detail and more images!

Marni Sling Back Chunky Heel:


Soft and cute look powder blue sling back shoes wear the lady. Ankle strip pointed toe shoes give elegant beauty in women nude legs. Chunky heel shoes help in easy walk and best for women that have lose confidence in high heel. Brown color sole make perfect contras with baby blue top of pointed toe shoes. For casual wear this one sling back shoes are best.

Marni Blue Strass Earring:


Marni blue strass earrings with center golden ring are crafted and enjoy lady in golden hair. Blue ear jewelry make bright look in white zipper dress. Long earring as look long make you wonder when you know about their weight. Light weight strass earring keep you relax when you wear in your ear.

Marni Modern Look Sunglasses:


Modern lady wear big size brown color frameless sunglasses make him pretty. Long white legs sunglasses can enjoy whose their face shape is round. Because when you wear sunglasses according to face shape these give perfect look. Round lens glasses fully covered the modish lady eyes and keep him safe in sunny place. In right size image square style sunglasses are also listed in marni latest fashion accessories.  You can take idea from above picture that fashion lady get same color sunglasses and long earring

Marni Big Size Leather Bag:


On run way model inspired other with marni big size leather bag collection. Model look in same color dressing and bag while shoes are contras with dress. Rich leather bag are crafted with long strip that are sewed in bag face. Both size extra length of rope covered up in bow style. With long belt idea you can carry the bag in hand or wear in shoulder. Bag has enough space that you can make all type of storage.

Marni Fashion Hand Jewelry Style:


With black color dressing model wear beaded and ring chain bracelets. Pure black color bracelets make center with square plate. Another one golden ring chain decorates with tiny round balls, and metal ring. Glossy look appear the marni hand jewelry and look costly. You can inspire others with marni jewelry that design with multi material details features.

Marni Nastro Black Belt:


On off-white front zipper elbow sleeve scoop neck features knee length gorgeous style dress model wear nastro black belt. Long size belt wear on waist in bow style and extra length hang in down movement. Inspired to nastro belt model is wear tongue flat shoes that help in easy walk. White color thick necklace also look in model scoop neck.
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