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Fashion Accessories

Classical, Layered, Bow Styles Bandana Headbands for Stylish Girls

Wearing a Bandana headband is perfect style for keeping stray hairs out of the face. Bandana headband is a cute way to add colors in your style. It raised your beauty. Commonly bandana head band wear in summer but today its fashion .bandana headband is easy way to wrap your …

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Elegant Mehndi Style for Party and Casual, Good Quality

The word elegant means “Beautiful”. The art of applying mehndi on hand and foot is an old custom of Asian subcontinent. . In 12th century the royal and rich families use to decorate themselves. In India weeding ceremony are consider incomplete without mehndi. The leaf of mehndi has a power …

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Colorful Ring Stone Design with Stone Work in wrist Size Weeding Gloves

The word gloves mean cover the hand. Gloves may appear to be an innocent article of dress. In past gloves were wear to protect the hand. In 1922, Archeologists discovered in the tomb of Tutankhamen remains of gloves decorated with a plaited, scale-motif design. Back wrote a book on gloves …

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Gorgeous Party Hair Accessories for Trendy Girls

Hair accessories are famous for girls. They used to bend their hairs. There are various types of hair jewelry Like; hair pins, head bands, ponytail holder, hair claws, scrunches, Alligator clips and barrettes. These hair accessories are carry in casual, party and wedding functions. In our collection, alligator clips, flower …

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