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Vivienne Westwood shoes with heart ankle strip design

English fashion designer and businesswomen Vivienne Westwood become famous in very short time period. She was well known in the public when Vivienne introduce her design dresses for a boutique. In 1963 she design outfit for wedding function. Westwood design special dresses by using traditional material.

Vivienne Westwood shoes designs are in these styles and designs pearl blue heart flat shoes, brown heart heel foot wear, ankle strip shoes, transparent with green ball shoes, and white cherry shoes.

You can wear Vivienne shoes on wedding ceremony and on other function. With these design of footwear you can attract people and get their attention. Westwood shoes are design with leather and sheet material.

Shoes are in black, brown, white, orange, yellow, skin and in gray colors. These shades of footwear can be wearing with any color of dress. You can walk easily and can enjoy with Vivienne Westwood shoes.

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