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Easy Summer Wedding Makeup Tips for Bridal

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During summer days it’s become difficult to keep face fresh, charming and energetic with makeup. You will be essential need of makeup on your wedding day. How you can maintain the makeup face fresh on your special days learnt our best ideas. Under blue sky, Shinny sun bridal makeup oh….very difficult to maintain the beauty. Don’t worry bridal! I am here with you to introduce you with best tips that keep you still queen for your groom with makeup.
Step by step treatment is below,

Uses of Foundation:

1 best foundation

What say shine makeup follow these steps:
•    With oil skin first hydrate it with an oil-free moisturizing. But f you have not oil-free that skip it and get eye lotion apply under the eyes.
•    Ready your face skin for foundation that color match with your skin tone and give shine effect.
•    Other then oily or dry skin treats free from foundation and just applies spot concealer. Also use concealer around the nose and face corner.
•    But if you want to use foundation keep care it’s free from oil.
•    When you treat with foundation now time to apply the face wash.

How to apply eye makeup:

2 eye makeup applying ideas

•    Use a concealer brush all over your eye lid from lashes to brow. If eye lid are oily use first dusting powder product.
•    When eye lashes and eye brow shade stay, keep away from any cream cosmetic.
•    Use liquid liner but stop pencil.
•    After you are liner your eyes put sealer on your liner.
•    Waterproof mascara best suited under shinny sun.

Glossy cheek with blush:

3 glossy cheeks

•    Again steer creamy formula that invite a glossy lovely cheek. A soft powdery formula that has ability to absorb extra oil comes in form of makeup blush.
•    Treat with cheek using blush on top of cheek that develop love beauty.
•    Matching blush must be use.

Make kissable lips with lipstick:

4 darkombre lipstick

You can get loveable kiss from your husband but you need some attractive charm on your lips. But in shiny sun how you can keep long time lipstick on lips follows our tips:
•    First moisturizing your lips with lip balm after then chooses lip pencil that match with your entire mouth shade. This will protect your lipstick from bleeding and give it more power.
•    If you’re listed in those people that don’t keep lipstick on lip use a must a medium tone.
•    Once you apply lip pencil get lipstick and glow your lip with it. Use tissue for extra lipstick clean purpose. Once you use lipstick remove it with medium tone of tissue and then use once again.
•    At last time give touch of lip gloss. Just one coat applies of lip gloss that live longer time.

At Last Movement:

5 carry umbrella for outdoor wedding pic

If you are arranged outdoor wedding or go for picture during 12: oo pm must carry an umbrella for shedding the face. Pack an emergency kit like lipstick, powder, tissue paper like products.

foundation applying ideas

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