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Holiday Step By Step Lipstick Tutorial for Beginners


Here we define easy and short listed lipstick tutorial that are for beginners. Holiday step by step lipstick tutorial also listed down in our collection that you can follow. With right step you can get perfect look of lipstick that show your genius mind and interest in fashion. You can enjoy lipstick with outline or just in one shade. We define both lipstick processes with outline and in single layer. I hope you will like and enjoy.

Red Lipstick And Outline Step:

When you want to apply lipstick on your lips first you need to try lip pencil. Lip outline with pencil keep your safe from mistake in order to lipstick. Fist draw a slant line to your cupid bow from right and do same with right side of cupid bow. After you make or draw X shape get a line lowest point of your lips. Now follow the above X curve point the dots that guide you in use of lipstick.

Once your make a guideline now follow it and draw your lips entirely with lip pencil. After then apply contras lipstick that match with your dressing or your favorite color like below picture.

Apply Lipstick Tips For Beginners:


A fun tip for beginners to apply lipstick on kissable lips is defined in above image. First line your outside of lips with pencil but keep care that you don’t go outside the lips line.  If you go outside the lie on lips you will look like a clown but if follow rightly than you are consider art master. In subtle way get charm look lipstick shade for fill the lips from inside.

Perfect Tutorial Of Applying Lipstick:


Always start lipstick with prepping mean use lip balm to make these soft. Now use lip primer that long time stay the lipstick on your lips. After lip primer apply a base on your lips that color match with your original lips. Compact powder on over the base seal the powder it’s a technique for lips to stay them longer the base. Make ensured that your select the lip liner that match with your lipstick shade. At last you can draw lips with dress match lipstick color. Final look how appear look in below picture.

Learn Holiday Step By Step Lipstick:


For This winter you can learn step by step lipstick tutorial very easily through above picture.
•    Moisturize your lips with lip balm.
•    Line up or outline your lips with cotton buds when entire lips draw leave it.
•    Get top color that also found in your dressing or contras and apply with fluffy brush. Final look of lips will appear.
•    You can clean the extra lipstick with concealer and small brush.
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