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How You Can Tie Blanket Scarf step by step Styling Ideas

How you can tie blanket scarf in different style with winter dresses you learnt from here. Your perfect wearing scarf much impresses the other about your personality. Big size cozy scarf keep you safe from cold. In our collection knot, loop, poncho, belt, rectangular regular blanket scarf style are involve. .with jeans and flare style dresses you can wear blanket scarf that loose so nice. Look below!

The Kerchief Style:

When you get a scarf the most important things that people note is how you wear blanket scarf. Colorful and warmth blanket scarf wearing pattern also tells other your knowledge about fashion attire. Above image define scarf style you can make in pen shirt dress. Follow the point to wear a blanket scarf!
•    Fold the scarf in triangle look.
•    Grab the each end of triangle in her hand and cross behind your head.
•    Now pull them on chest, and cover under the rest of scarf.

The Poncho & Belted:

It’s a best way to wear an oversized scarf because you want totally warm up in winter. With this poncho and belted blanket scarf style you can live inside and outside comfort. Steps are defined below!
•    Hold the scarf in rectangular shape and folding fringe pattern under.
•    Drape the scarf over your shoulder as that its ends hang on your front. At the end you can belt it.
•    Used thin leather belt.

Long and Rectangular Regular Style:

Fold into half and wear over the shoulder with front long ends. Its regular and timeless scarf pattern that you can make with knee length boots and jeans pent outfit. You feel highly relax and comfy in this look. Long lengths of scarf easily show your necklace and cover you from front. Make over long curly hair is side band style for pull up the shoulder scarf.

The Knot:

You can set the knot in center or side over the chest. It may be complicated but not hard like kerchief style. Wearing the scarf in first one image define pattern at the end cover in knot form. Youngest girl with loose fit sweater and skinny jeans dress enjoy the blankets scarf. Your back and front neckline fully covered in colorful scarf that feel soft when you adorn.

The Poncho:

In above image plus size lady wear blanket scarf in poncho style. With flare knee length top, tights and ankle boots the right color blanket scarf she selected. You can get idea for every day wear and warm up the body in blanket scarf. Your long arm, back and front covered with warm poncho style. First rectangular pattern make for this look wearing the big size scarf.

The Loop:

Traditional method to wear an oversized blanket scarf with over all black jacket, shoes and skinny pent. For going office you can make this innocent appearance and can add black sunglasses, slim clutch. Learn the pattern!
•    Fold the scarf and gather it over the shoulder.
•    Pick up the longer side and round around the neck and come back on front.
•    Make end cover these through the loop.

Blanket Scarf Cris Cross Style:

Very youngest lady wear skinny jeans, white button down shirt over leather jacket. Red, black and blue check blanket scarf she style in cris cross pattern. Divide the long scarf in two half and wear over the shoulder as extra length come on front. Pull up the one length in opposite side shoulder back while other hanging. Now you can carry the hand bag for going market, office or college.

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