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4 ways to get beach waves during summer

Twisted beach waves are cool way to enhance nature look. it cool and chic hairstyle for spring and summer styling, go for stunning beach weaving  that will suite to all type of hair either short-long or thin-thick.  Loose curls beautifully adorn hair in cute wavy hairstyle.

Beachy wavy hairstyle gain richly spotted everywhere either red carpets or street.  Get subtle look during summer time wit beach wavy by following this trick.  Get easy and breezy beachy wavy hair just in 10 minutes without damaging hairs.

Twisted flat iron wavy hairs:

Flat iron, also known as hair strengthener, is common product form in every girl’s vanity drawers used for hair straining purposes. Just do it to get adventures look during this summer. You can get beachy wavy look in different way.

Rolling back, pin and finger rolling flat iron hair are most common techniques. Yet here we bring something new and easy. First dry you hair nicely then apply salty wavy spray. Divide hair in two halves, twist and roll completely to the ends.  Carefully iron hair with straightened and leave them to float on back.

Barrel curlers beachy wavy:

Small barrel curlers are fabulous choice to turn straight hairs into beachy wavy. These wavy look more thinner and wavy then flat iron waves. It takes about 4-5 minutes in process. This technique work best if you desired for larger yet tight curls waves.

If you want to enhance perfect and equal look then choose right barrel size for curler. Smaller size is best for beachy waves. Prep hair with high quality products to protect them from heat effects. Avoid shampoo if you have dry hairs. Now comb hair and make two inches sections, diagonally, and clip them nicely to work smoothly. Now pick up and mist with hair spray.

Clamp hair from ends and roll it in spiral manner on the barrel.  Stay hair for iron about 10-20 second and. Make sure hair tightly rolled around the barrel. Finally release hairs   and mist with hair spray. Comb hair with bristle brush for soft wavy look.

Short hair beachy wavy:

Beachy ways are smart choice for all hairs. Its look fabulous even you have short hair with pixie cut.  Getting beachy look for short hair is quite tricky yet you can you it just in 10 minutes after following this procedure. Divide hair in two half just in half-up-and half down style.

Tie up upper half. Now prep remaining hair with good quality hair spray, wrap hair around the wide barrel and iron for 10-20 second. Untie the top portion and repeat the process. Wrap the hair in opposite direction of the waves to create frame around the face.

No-heat beachy waves:

Beachy waves are most-wanted summer hairstyle convey sexy look.  It look awesome either you choose thicker waves or loose waves. No-heat is super technique to enhance wavy hair without any side effect. Iron can damage hairs.

So try no-heat easy ways to get effortless look. First wash your hair and dry them with towel and t-shirt. Now comb hair with wide brush or remove tangles by moving finger, bring you hair in front as they end come closer to you feet.  Apply salty spray from back to front.

Let you hair to dry in air after applying heavy spray. Now divide hair in two or more sections. Twisted and roll nicely pin it up as you can feel relax during sleeping, smaller section give smaller wave. You can get wavy look with French or rolling braid. When you wake up in next morning remove band or pins and set your hair with finger.

Boho bride with blond wavy beach hairs look gorgeous:

Get glam-inspired beachy wavy hairstyle for head-turning evening looks.

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