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8 Ways to Wear Silk Ribbon in Hair

As the gift providing perfectly tie up silky stuff in hair make unique styling. If you have thinking that the ribbon wearing stopped once you use in graduate school days, than you are assure mistake. You need something change in your hair style this summer. Ribbon hair style can use school college girls, working ladies even bridal on her special day. Enjoy our 8 ways to wear the silk colorful ribbon in hair.

Ribbon Headband:


So simple and perfect way to wears the ribbon in hair.  Just cut a long ribbon and tie it around the head. Be sure, ribbon slip easily nobody want to remove it in long day. Bridal with her back bun hair style can wear the ribbon and make bow style. White silk ribbon selects the bridal with her white color dressing.

Bow Tied High Pony:


Enjoy summer days with bow tied high pony. Upgrade from half up to fully with high pony tail. Pull down half hair on both shoulders. If you want to try the above one hair style than make sure ribbon is long and flowing for a whimsical touch. College and school girls make this easy and quick hair style for every day look.

Side Ribbon Braid:


In above image clearly define how you can wear the ribbon with side braid. Follow the below steps:

First make side bang with her soft silky medium length hair.

Bow side take a thin layer of hair and fold, bring the fold hair back of head and wear the sewed round pony.

Now take silk ribbon and make equal length with center division.

Wear the ribbon on pony in Cris cross style.

Pick up the long length of ribbon and wrap in Cris cross style at the hair end.

Make loose of hair in each step of ribbon, after than final look of side braid hair you will see.

Low Pony Tail Hair Style:


Gal-meets glam ribbon wears the lady with low pony tail hair style. White ribbon with diy hair makes focal point. Pony tail hair style is so common today and is making. For school or college girls above one low pony tail hair style make perfect choice. In short time without any other help you can enjoy ribbon on pony tail.

Princess Piggies French Braid Hairstyle:

Create elegant look hair style that gives functional look. With your toddler long length hair you can make the princess piggies hair style. First make half hair pony tail on top than half down French braid hair style. Now grab your red color ribbon in braid with the help of yarn needle.

Braided Bun Ribbon:


Summer braided bun hair style best suited for working ladies.  Red color dressing of lady with selection f yellow ribbon on hair gives cute and calm expression. Require material for braided bun is 2 rubber bands, few baby pins, and long ribbon in any color. Braided bun hair style not loose and make dull impression in long day.

Go With Colorful Ribbon:


Artsy look will develop under colorful ribbon pony tail hair style. Braiding scraps of fabric or ribbon in back pony tail high lights the hair color. Modish lady wear the coral color front back neck dressing and enjoy summer party. Pony tail hair style with ribbon make clear image of your back dressing style.

Game Girl Colorful Braid:


Bright color ribbon with French braid hair style score your tone of color. French braid with pigtail incorporating the ribbon. Game girl make ribbon color selection light from their dressing. With French braid air you can best perform your given task.

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