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Easy School Girls Braid Hairstyle Ideas

During school time it’s quite difficult to bring out some time for hair care especially when you get ready to catch school van.  Short hair girls are lucky about this matter they simply comb their hairs and set hairs in simple way. Longer and medium length hairs is real matter what to do for cover  such hair as it look beautiful and also let to concentrate over study. Here we bring easy braid hairstyle. These hairstyles are so simple in making take short time.

Four strand braid:

Four strands braid it extremely cute option for small girls have longer and thicker hair. It completes cover all hairs that may disturb throughout the days. Braid is easy and time saving hairstyle quickly shapes just in five to ten minutes. First make a high back ponytail and partial hair in equal four strands.  And tan make a lovely braid first cross central strands (frits one over the second) then bring down first under third and first over the fourth and again cross central strands. Continue the process until it comes to the end.

Lace braid ponytail:

It simple yet attractive hair allow you to cover hair from ponytail. Such hairstyle is known as lace style braid which allure simple ponytail on back. Girls have longer and straight hair can try this opulent waterfall braid hairstyle. It’s ideal for thicker, medium and thick hairs. Simply make a ponytail and take smaller strand from white side and start to shape simple braid. Now join farther strand from opposite side to give waterfall accent. If you pick hair from both side them it would converts in ladder ponytail style.

Bow knot mix braid hairdo:

Wow! It statement hair style for school girls have thicker and silky hairs.  You can do it by your own without any help. Half mix braid hairstyle is good for high class school girls. Simple and fish bone bride combine to form new hairstyle quickly down without any extra effort. First divide hairs in two half as back hair fall down on back while front hairs smoothly cover in braids. Now make the strand braid untilled it reach to center of where hair are in equal thickness and make fish tails from the end. Top bow is optional if you want bow then make it before braiding hairs.

Fishtail braid:

Elegant and feminine, It cool and chic hairdo for teen girls  join high class school double side braided and back fishtails completely cover hair and let you concentrate on your study. Parted hair from fronts and take hairs as it form neat braid which turn along head shape and then joint hairs remain from both braid along with back hair to shape lovely fishtail braid just shown in above photo.  It create beautiful frame around the face just like a crown.

French braid and ponytail hairdo:

Double indise and outdide baids and side pont tails is playful style fior medium hairs. firt make front waterfall braid that come to side tham make another braid by pick hairs from both side as it reached to the first braid end not join both baird and make a ponttails in simple way. Its elegant style for layer cut hairs.

Double v-braid:

Time consuming hairstyle just take 3-5 minuets . it good for school girls obsess from long hairs. simple parted hair in equal half and make two braid from one side and two from other side and them  bring  on the back of hed and pin then together with stylish pins  or clips. Here you can form another braif fall down along the loose hairs.  you can increase or decrease number of briads depand on you.

Criss cross braid:

Braided criss cross is sophisticate hairstyle need little effort yet it give wow-worthy look to cute girls.  It look gorgeous if you blond your hair to highlight them with other hues. First make two braid closer to forehead and then make two other braids by taking hair from temple parts. Now cross first and second braid and then second with their and first with fourth as it cover entire skull. Finally tie meting points with black ribbon in bow knots style.  It looks gorgeous with curly hairs.

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