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Incredibly Gorgeous Rainbow Hair Fashion Trend

Fashion has changed its track. Fashionary girls love to try something unique and whimsically interesting which create wow-factor. Weird is another name of fashion such as rain bow hair. Rainbow hair dye gain popularity during 80s and 90s fashion that now again come back in fashion with incredible twist.

Dye you hair with brighter color stole from Rainbow spectrum. It would give you dreamy appearance inspired from Unicorn or a Disney land princess.  Fashionary ladies love to dye hair in rainbow color which also recognized as hyper color.

Its influential trend let you look brighter and more attractive. Emo, theater, hipster and road breaker girls like to diy the hair in multi colors but now Hollywood actress also seem in rainbow dyes color. This coloring trend gain popularity and soon recognized s the most spotted trend of the season.

You can get different effect by applying rainbow colors such as moonstone, sunset, shadow roots, unicorn, hidden rainbow, candy color rainbow, peacock, oil slick, color blocked and pastel. Let see different styles of coloring rainbow hair to get effortless looks.

Hidden rainbow hairs:

Mostly girls feel shy while applying rainbow color on their hair. They looks quite worried about how they get balance look during workouts and routine styling. Hidden rainbow is perfect style for these girls.  Hidden rainbow hairs gain fame at Instagrams.  Just apply colors on middle or lower hairs. Vivid color application really looks fabulous. You can choose darker or soft color for this job. Make sure these color matches with your personality.

Fish tails of upper hair is superb style to show off hidden rainbow hairs. Add few strands in braid to pops in color in fish braid.

Top-bun and French twist are alluring ideas to get statement rainbow look.

Emo girl rainbow hairs:

Silky and straight hair dramatically dyes in hyper color to lock rainbow effects. It lovely opens to groom Emo girl’s personality in different way. Pastel pink, electric blue, green and yellow hues amazingly apply in ombre technique to get enthralling style.  Colors blend nicely to create vivid charm.

Color-blocked rainbow hairs:

Color-blocking is hottest trend of the season and greater scoop seem in upcoming years. So be hurry and dye you hair in color block pattern. Color blocking is in different style you can do it horizontally, vertically and asymmetrically. Here we bring horizontal rainbow color-blocked hair in both straight and curly style to define it perfectly.  Vivid colors rainbow hairs suite to all skin.

Pastel rainbow hairs:

I love pastel color. Pastel color especially rainbow give darling look. You can enhance compliment a styles with soft curls effects. Blond hairs with pastel shaded highlight looks fantastic.  Stand-out you personality by applying soft shade in ombre style. Different shade gorgeously applies on little portions of hair. Blond hair remains simple to get subtle look. Layered shadow roots make it more attractive.

Rainbow highlights:

Hyper color is fabulous technique to enhance weird look to rock on street.  All hair first bleached to get perfect result and then pastel green and yellow apply on scalp while blue orange and pink selected for highlights.  Flashy rainbow hairs in beachy weave texture marvelous style to enhance head-turning look.

Rainbow layered bob haircut:

Asymmetrical bob cut rainbow hairs are captivating style of youthful look who love to do something unique never seen first. Look these pretty girls who get Macaws like look by dying hairs in green, yellow, red and plum. Each layer individually dyes with single. Layering cut play greater role to give statement charm.

Unicorn inspired pastel rainbow hairs:

Soft pastel color rainbow dye hair are spectacular source of enhance unicorn inspired look. Soft yet glowing hues pop in perfection.  You feel like a fairy-land princess after dying hair in unicorn rainbow colors.

Either you make a pony tails, braid, half-up-half do, or French twist hairstyle pastel unicorn rainbow hairs look awesome in every style.

Rainbow highlights just:

Just focus over rainbow highlight to enhance darling look whatever the color you choose either blond or ombre. Look this cool girl’s look adds wow-factor to groom her personality.  Rainbow color peacock highlight are whimsically interesting task. I love it. Are you?

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