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Colored Featured Dolce and Gabbana Pom-Pom Bag For Women


Enjoy colorful high embellished dolce and gabbana women bag collection. Classic look appear in these unique and cute look bag that has light weight. Jeweled and pom-pom lace with mirror decoration make over on these bags. With these styles of bag making contras become easy and sharp. Heavy featured bags can enjoy on casual base. Wicker basket bags give you great idea to enjoy on beach side parties. Look below!

Leather Strip Pom-Pom Bag:


Dolce and gabbana clutch style bag design with snake print glossy leather belt. Small size belt attach with metal ring chain that hardly catch the belt. Cream color thread crafted bag top embellished with orange, blue and red pom-pom lace. Golden and other multi colored mirror make a long strip one by one in horizontal series. Cross style of lock design above of bag that quickly open and close.

Jeweled & Pom-Pom Embellished Bag:


Black color dolce and gabbana bag stitch with nylon thread. Soft and fluffy bag decorates with golden button and mirror. Visible image of Colored pom-pom give interesting impression. Warmth black with colorful embellishment women bag can enjoy with every color dressing. Thick leather belt holders are arranged at top of bag. For casual use the above image define bag will be perfect.

Small Size Pom-Pom Bag:


Snake print flap over small bag give little space to make cash or Mobil like storage. In round style top holder of bag you can easily pass the finger and carry the bag in down movement when you walk on road. Center of small bag treat with big size round golden motive. Mirror stitch with blue and red thread that end furnished with leave style pom-pom.

Wicker Basket Pom-Pom Bag:


On run way model inspired other with her mirror embellished dressing and wicker basket style bag. Small size different color pom-pom are draw border line end on basket bag. Red and green color contras lace attach with short distance and in bid space pom-[pom flower look so cute. Fringe flower are hanging in down motion with top red patch.

Jeweled & Pom-Pom Wicker Bag:


Banana leaf wicker basket bag appear vintage style that can attract people. Golden lace and flower are decorates with pom-pom flower and lace. Blue color patch with top golden treatment give prominent image. Light weight with top big size round holder wicker basket bag you can try on every day base. Durable basket bag design with side lock that must need for maintain privacy.

Pom-Pom Tote Bag:


Big size tote bag appears elegant style that makes you fashion lady. This one style of bag also get from dolce and gabbana pom-pom bag collection. Rich beauty of bag is show due to efficiency of big and small size golden button.  Leather belt attach with ring lock that can bear the weight of bag when you make much storage. Face of bag come in final look with hanging fringe features detail.

Pom-Pom Coffa Straw Bag:


Make your life style fashionable with coffa straw dolce and gabbana bag. High embellished bag get wide attention of trendy women. Black color fabric in v-shape stitch on bag face with top mirror, pom-pom and button material. Ring style handle has as width in which hand can easily slip. Classic style Light weight bag best suited of beach parties.

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