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Choker with Layered Necklace Trends for Bride

Girls become too conscious about dress, jewelry, shoes and makeup when it comes to their wedding day. Jewelry considers statement in accessories that need more much attention. Simple jewelry set isn’t appropriate for wedding days.

Grandmothers and mothers force in buying heavy jewelry with wedding dress. Heavy don’t means you opt to bigger jewelry set that make you uncomfortable and also spoil entire dress charm. Go for layering instead or owning one larger piece. Layering is now on trend either in clothing or jewelry.

Multi-layered necklaces are great way to add texture and signature elegance. At that time, chocker necklace with layering come on top of the bride list. Chocker is close fit necklace wrap around or lay closer the neck. These necklace elongate neck and also give bold look to bride. You can wear chocker alone yet bride look need something more so it’s better to try with layering. Suggestions are given below for your assistance.

Chocker with bib necklace:

Cocker necklace is splendid jewelry piece that give effortless party-ready look if wear alone yet bridal look are demanding more. Guluband style cocker necklace look incredible with every type of layering but has not word to describe that charm which grabs through statement necklace pairing. Chocker with bib necklace feels like individual necklace when closely pulls together. Royal-inspire bride look elevate in such phenomenal layering hacks.

Layer necklace and chocker for bride:

Chocker necklace with longer necklace is extremely gorgeous transition fit well on every look. Choose both necklaces in same material if you haven’t any ideas about layering. Gold chocker necklace with gold rani haar look so appealing even she skip earring and wear Mattha Patti.

Gold chocker layering set for bride:

Multiple strand necklaces layering with chocker is super effective to gain polished wedding look. Adjust necklace in short if you wear wide spread chocker necklace with normal dress neckline. Gold tones with hint of emeralds definitely glow bridal charm.

Chocker with long necklace:

Rani Haar is insanely cool jewelry perfect for making experiments. Rani Haar, always, assumes suitable option for layering especially with chocker necklace. Stick with two color necklace with different texture for eye-catching harmony. Haar in longer length, reach up to the navel, give quirky look. Pendent drop chocker necklace with multi-strand rani haar are impeccable gorgeous jewelry for bride.

Traditional gold and pearl chocker layering set:

Brides once again show interest in their grandmother and mom desi style jewelry traditional jewelry fabulous with modern look if balance out nicely. Here is pull together of gold and pearl chocker, Ran haar, chandelier earring and wide Mattha Patti that give jaw-dropping appeal to bride.

Kundan chocker and layered necklace:

Kundan jewelry has no replacement. Royal princess like look enhance into kundan bridal set. Statement kundan chocker necklace layered with multiple strand necklaces. This time Rani Haar skipped and kundan strands opted that place somewhere between rani haar or chocker necklace. It looks incredible with deep round necklines instead of boat.

Chocker necklace with red beaded strands:

Chocker necklace with strand or beard or red bead are now in fashion that richly followed by Pakistani brides. It awesome trick to keep look delights as bridal dress already loaded with heavy embroidery and embellishments.

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