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Cool Anklet Design for Teen Girls

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Anklet is chic and noticeable accessory in girl’s wardrobe which defines their feet charm and also elongates the legs. Anklet has great attractions which glow up the feminine charm of the girls. Young girls love to wear anklet especially teen girls recently start to going collage.  Anklet has endless charm that way it never goes back in any ears.  Here we bring eye-catching and stylish Anklet design for teen girls that really make then beautiful.

Gold Butter fly anklet:

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Anklet is appealing and chic jewelry item define pedicure charm. It brings elegance and glowing touch.  Look at this dreamy anklet design with gold. Butterfly anklelet is best jewelry item for collage and teen girls.   Link chain dangling crystal   with butterfly is feminine design shows the power and endurance ability of lady who wear it.

Rose gold drop pearl anklet:

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Teenage girls are at the stage where they put initial step toward fashion world. Now they have permission to adorn   with stylish outfits, make-up and jewelry.    Some teen girls choose imperfect jewelry item which spoiled their innocence and give a look like an adult lady. So be conscious while selecting jewelry especially anklet.   Choose anklet design give simple and elegant look.  Look this tremendous anklet design with role gold.  Crystal embellished bow and dangling faux pearls tassel add novelistic touch.

Infinity anklet:

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Infinity payal or anklet is heartouching and breathtaking jewelry ornament has equally importance among all age women. Teen girls, young ladies and overage ladies love to wear infinity anklets. Infinity symbolized with love which never end, Friendship and unity.  Infinity anklet is pleasant gift for your love or friend to ensures her you deep and unbreakable relation.

Traditional Indian payal:

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Look at this traditional Indian anklet which gains my attention. It style is unique and best for young girls   start to adorn herself.  Gold crafted anklet with white pearl embellished steal hearts. It’s spectacular payal design for party styling.   Gold crafted anklet also show-off the status of the girl who wear it.

Pearls chain anklet:

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I’m sure this anklet design must inspire you. It playful and dreamy anklet assemble with metal chain and small pearls.   You can pick this ankle for everyday styling.  It’s simple and lighter in weight so comfortable in wearing.  It glows up spring and summer style of the girls if she is going to wear flip flop and thong sandals.

Vintage flower chain anklet:

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Sterling silver and crystal anklets:

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Look at this silver color  anklet desiign with ultra-feminine details.  Double layer  anklet is dramatically design  with tow chain. One is steriling silver chai while the other is  crystal link chao.  I love the style. Its playful and opulant anklet for colage girls.

Cool anklet for collage girls:

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Malaysian silver crafted chunky chain anklet is splendid ornament to enhance boho or gothic charm.  The anklet design is so simple. It’s chic compliment for beachy styling. Vintage and boho inspired sterling silver anklet bring statement glace which totally change the look.

Beaded anklet for girls:

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Handmade beaded anklets are elegant and enthralling addition in trendy girl’s jewelry boxes.  Beaded anklet is best choice for everyday styling.   Single or double layer anklet is adorable jewelry ornament bring artistic charm.  Tiny copper beaded crafted double layer anklet with a tint or red and aqua beaded look fabulous.  Here tassel details also give to beautify anklet.

Small bell chain anklet:

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Mostly teenage girl’s live minimalist and simple anklet keep the innocence and girlish charm.  The ankle design is so simple wears with each dress.  Small bell are dangle with same interval which dreaded sweet and lovely sound when cute girls put her steps.  Sterling silver or metal crafted chain is available in lower prices.

Kundan anklet:

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Kundan and menakari work   is well recognized and iconic traditional Indian style richly used to design women jewelry. Heavy necklace, earrings, bracelets and anklets grabs trendy girl’s attentions.  Kundan work ankle is popular among eastern girls. Western girls also like kundan work anklets.  Here  gold frame and  shinny diva shaped  crystal and stone embellished anklet  are design in part to adorn both feet,  red and green stone are used to  crafted   flower to  give visible touch. This one is noticeable pair of anklets best for party and special event styling.

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