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Edgy Single-Earring Fashion Looks Really Inspires You


Single-earring is brand-new fashion trend just evolved from last few seasons.  Wearing one earring is fashion-forward style popularized from the runway collections. Wearing a statement earring in single ear let you enhance darling look. Single-earring fashion rapidly become a part of fashion worlds as  world most influential metropolitans give  huge coverage ‘ one-earring come in endless style with an array of designs, shapes and size. Statement earring that larger in size and grazing on the shoulder is perfect choice for single counterpart.

Fendi, Zara, Delfina Deletterz, Givenchy and Balmain are iconic brands introduced single earring through their runway collection. This abstract fashion recently unleashed in spring and fall 2017 collection either couture or read-to-wear. Christian Dior also showcases dreamy loop dangling one earring in his fall/winter collection.

Celebrities one-earring look:


Emma Watson, Angelina Jolie, Milla Jovovich and Adele Exarchopoulos are iconic celebrities who adopt this fashion to get statement look especially when try style-up for special event celebration. Single piercing statement earring permits breathtaking grace. I love these cool fashion looks.

Stella McCartney single-earring:


Stella McCartney wins the heart by lunching incredibly stylish single-earring in runway collection. This statement earring directly touches to heart. Curve bar with ball end dangling loop earring, geometrical detailed cork earring, Red Crescent moon and painted cylinder earring give jaw-dropping vive to trendy girls.

Michel Kors white flower earring:


Look this heart stealing statement one-side earring that becomes major fashion obsession at this time. Kendall Jenner confidently walks on the wrap by wearing Michael Kors white flower single-earring which perfectly unify with the collection theme. Its statement jewelry ornament of 2017 spring runway collection unleashed at new-your fashion week.

Celine single-earring:


Celine single-earring is breathtaking jewelry piece really touché s hearts. It’s cool and chic one sided earring designs with punk inspiration. Sterling silver and blue stone embellished dangling earring touch shoulder. It splendid ornament accentuate the neck and shoulders.

Louise Vuitton one-earring:


Same style luckily seems at two sports on Celine and Louise Vuitton 2014 F/W runway which really click heart. It’s opulent geometrical inspired golden statement single-earring. Delicate gold designed earring is just wear in one earring to get effortlessly chic charm.

Rosie Assoulin flower single-earring:


Look at this lively flower earring feel like she tuck a flower in her hair to define side-part hairstyle but actually not. It’s an elegant earring design by Rosie Assoulin. It’s intellectual earring for wedding, valentine, date part and special event celebration. Designer shapes with lovely earring in three distinct hue such as white, red and golden.
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