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Gold bar Necklace for Everyday Styling in trendy way


Gold, gold and gold when you search out a women jewelry box you almost find all item having gold details. Gold is weak point of the woman.  There is gazillion style of gold necklace but the most appealing and heartouching necklace that is too popular in these days is bar chain necklace. Bar and chain necklace in yellow, rose and white gold make the women crazier as it wear for all the time and it suitable of all season styling. Horizontal, vertical, personalizes, curves and layered pendent are common types of gold bar chain necklace.  Let’s come and see what here in our collection we presented for you fans.


Vertical bar gold necklace:


Vertical bar pendent and lariat necklace are on the peak of the fashion graph as it makes it place in every styling from casual to formal. Vertical of column bar necklace glow feminine charm and provide statement glance. It grooms women personality. It wears with all type of outfits.  Chain length may differ but he grace and functionality is same in all. Here rose gold vertical line bar necklace are wear with different outfits for rustic, street and formal styling.

Line bar gold chain pendant:


Horizontal bar necklace is also known as line bar necklace. Gold is the most common material used to craft women jewelry. Yellow, rose and while gold crafted thing and border line bar and chain necklace s hottest fashion trend. Single layer horizontals chain necklace is also wear me in asymmetrical way.  Bar chain necklace has own grace. Trendy and fashionable girls love to wear bar necklace with casual and formal dresses.  Bar chain necklace look beautiful with T-shirts, Skinny top and shirts. You also wear bar necklace with mini dresses.

 Layered bar necklace:


Bar chain necklace is fantastic jewelry piece wonderful design in layer design.  Double and triple layered gold chain necklace is inspired with boho-chic fashion.  Whatever the number of the layers the chain necklace have main thing is how you get individual style.  Here we bring two style of layered necklace. First one is triple layers gold necklace adorn with hammered disc and vertical long bar. The design is so attractive draw attention. The second wine is also a layers necklace but it has only two layers.  First choker layer carry horizontal bar while second is in princess length adorn with vertical bar.

Personalized bar chain necklace:


Bar chain necklace or pendant is lovely addition in jewelry boxes assume ideal piece for everyday styling.  Rose gold crafted bar chain necklace is personalized with the name of women who wear it. Horizontal bar stick necklace is precious accessory glow the feminine charm.  They feel comfortable in this chain necklace.


Gold pleated double bar chain necklace is popular among trendy layers. Double layer chain necklace are longer in length. Vertical gold bar are insert in center for grace and intellectual charm. Both layered have tiny vertical bar.  Princess and opera length rose gold chain necklace are splendid piece for street styling.

Bar tassel necklace:


This one is innovative and newest design of bar chain necklace design with14 gold.  Gold chain and personalized bar tassels pendent and lariat style necklaces are amazing piece for fashion able girls. You can select these statement necklaces for everyday, street and formal styling.  It also makes you free from the worry of matching jewelry individually with each dress. These pendent are also known as T-bar necklace.  It becomes fiery demand of hot and sexy girls.

Curved gold bar necklace:


Cured bar and chin is delicate and playful; style of bar necklace. Rose gold crafted bended bar neck look like a curved tube. The design is so simple and graceful. It also statement jewelry for ladies who do not like you overloaded with heavy jewelry.   Working and professional ladies wear these bar necklace for formal styling.

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