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Juicy Summer Fruit Jewelry Trend you’ll fall in love

Feel true beauty of juicy and ripe fruit during this summer. Either you wear real fruit or fake fruit jewelry you feel excellent. Lively color and fruity flavors put unique twist in your personality.  Every fruits have its own charm that can’t be replace with other.

After getting fame from designer runway collections now fruits become essential in feminine wardrobes in shape of clothing, handbags and jewelry. I love fruit jewelry.   Scroll down page to find your favorite fruit jewelry here.

Gold-pleated pearl grapes necklace:

Intricate and aesthetic rose gold and pearl deign grapes necklace is sensational jewelry ornament in fashion ladies jewelry collection. Extremely gorgeous vine and grasp embellished necklace permit statement charm.

Lemon earring:

Lemon drop earring g is jaw-dropping jewelry complement offered by Dolce and Gabbana.  Beaded Clip-on drop earring is stunning ornament for spring and summer styling. Juicy lemon and leaves decorative earring really look flawless.

Statement banana jewelry:

Dolce and Gabbana resin banana jewelry is whimsical addition in fashion women closest love to wear fruits. Incredibly-chic banana necklace and earring crafted with bunch of bananas, greeny leaves and sparkle crystal. Eco-friendly and nature-inspire fruit banana is real fashion inspiration.

Avocado earring:

Opt to sweet and stylish avocado drop earring to make fun during this season.  It’s cool and refreshing hue keeps you fresh all the days. Hand painted avocado earring are too stylish grabs attentions when you come out on the street. Playful novelty-inspire avocado jewelry become favorite among fashion lovers.

Real orange slice earring:

Make personalized fruit jewelry at home according to designer preservation methods. In this way you can able to charm your look with real fruit beauty. Cheerful fruit jewelry simply deign by concealing fruits slice in hard after water-resistance coating. Pleasant and playful fruity jewelry is durable bring in versatility with absolutely unique look.

Kiwi fruit earrings:

Chinese gooseberry, kiwi fruits brilliantly used in shaping eye-catching jewelry.  Greeny hue accent you style with fresh tones.  Preserved and artificial kiwi fruit drop earring is very special for every girl. It symbolized for signifies growth and financial gain. Kiwi fruits packed with energetic feature that will energize your personality.

Pineapple jewelry:

Opt to pretty pineapple jewelry for warmth and splendid look. Pineapple is iconic fruit richly involve in jewelry designing.  Earring, multi-layered chain necklace, pendants, finger ring, bracelets and even ankle in pineapple introduced in gazillion styles. Make your friendship stronger by gifting delightful pineapple pendant or rings because pineapple is associated with friendship.

Dragon fruit necklace:

Preserved dragon fruit necklace is heart touching jewelry makes me speechless. Must-have this pinkish and white fruit locket to get inspirational looks.

Real Watermelon pendant necklace:

Juicy and ripe watermelon perfectly suit with summer styling. Cool and eye-catching handmade watermelon necklace take your breath away. Lively color attracts eyes.

Fruit bracelets:

Dangle down breathtacking fruit bracelet from the wrist to enhance special look. Opulent and eye-catching fruits bracelets are in timeless style. Colorful and gold pleated fruit bracelets in interesting jewelry complement.

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