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Long Necklaces Breaks Sameness Form You Styling


Wearing long necklace is an art. It brings versatility and edgy grace in woman personality. From bohemian to gothic and classical to modern loge necklace become iconic fashion trendy. Fashionable girls are more excited to wear long necklace to look gorgeous in unusual way. Either you wear an individual pendent or lariat necklace to complete the look or select more necklace for multi layering it boost your feminine charm.  Long necklace are in endless design found in chain, tassel, Pendant and robe knot style. Here we bring dazzling ideas of long necklace ideas has extreme power to grace you statement style in splendid way.


Edgy look in long necklace:


Tassels necklace is the most demanding jewelry of this ear. Modern girls show huge excitement which selecting an appealing tassel necklace.  Making a diy tassel necklace also becomes iconic fashion trend. Tassel necklace are generally design in longer length end just over the nape or below. Double layer tassel beaded necklace is admiring pieces allow you to get attractive look. Wool tassel crafted necklace in different length wears with white tee, striped blazer and grey scarf.

Breaking up monotony:


Break routine styling by adding something excited and unusual.  White tee and neutral color sweater is not an impressive outfit without this stamen necklace. Blue and black stones, beaded and chain crafted chain necklace play bigger role to insert zingy accent that rocks your personality.  It’s lovely jewelry piece.

Heart touching style:


Long necklace is adorable choice for street styling. It’s splendid jewelry for passionate girls. Necklace layering is interesting task. You can wear more the one necklace without the consideration of style. You can mix chains with multi strand necklace or wear Chain which lariats.  Wearing different length necklace in same style is also chic fashion. Look this gorgeous lady who selects three different necklaces for statement look.

Making you bold:


By looking this pleasant long necklace style I’m sure you take greater interest and show great excitement for bring such an elegant jewelry on your vanity table.  Long necklace is cool option if you want to go with multi layering style. Chocker and matinee, chocker, matinee &opera, opera and lariat are amazing way of multi layer necklace according to length.

Mood changing power:


Chain pendants, tassels and lockets are smart choice for longer necklace. It permits delicate style in without layering too much.  It’s inviting ideas to rock style in unexpected way. Longer opera and lariat length necklace is lovely choice. These necklace works with all outfit jeans, dresses or gowns. This necklace has power to break monotonous look.   Long necklace has extreme power to change you mood.  You feel fresh and pleasing while wearing this stunning jewelry ornament.

Look s hot and Sexier:


Gold chain and colorful stone pendent necklace uplift you simple style.  Gold hue provide luxe accent while stone pendant eco-friendly charm. Long necklace is ever refreshing fresh trend never let down your style. Give priority y to long necklace for casual, formal, beach, bohemian and evening styling.

Flexible for every lifestyle:


Gold tassels necklace is adorable jewelry splendidly unify with monochromic top and black pant. Long chain pendent or tassel necklace incredibly matched with classical-vintage, bohemian-modern, and simple to sophisticated outfits.

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