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Pretty Style Gold Locket Designs

Lovely girls here we bring gold locket design for you casual look. You can choose any one your favorite style locket to gift on wedding, valentine day. Light weight affordable amazing style locket clearly shows in women necklace with that they can impress people.

In our collection you will inspire with heart, sea shell, disc gold, antique gold, glass medallion, leaf, and signature style locket. Youngest to old age ladies can wear these designs of gold locket. Cable chain tightly holds the gold locket and brightly show in your neck.

Gold Heart Locket:

Gold made hear locket pair with cable chain. Luxury gold locket is close with spring clasp. Beautifully wrap the gold heart locket in box and ready to giving your love once. Heart shape pleat locket is new style that you can enjoy in rose pink and pure gold color. You can casually wear the heart locket necklace that show clearly even in halter neck dress.

Gold Sea Shell Locket:

Above image gold locket you can call sea shell and mermaid necklace for valentine day gift. Gold pleated sea shell locket you can open and show your lover photo that you have saved inside it. Costly sea shell locket is pretty and perfect gift that memorize you to your lover. Top of sea shell white pearl is cross in hook of locket. Creative style gold locket you’re your interest.

Round Antique Locket:

Floral rose gold locket gift your bridal on wedding night. Antique rose gold locket design with front flower detail and texture on back side. Really stunning appearance becomes when you wear the rose gold locket in cotton strip button front shirt. Blush the lovely antique locket in day light and show brightly in open neckline.

Disc Gold Coin Locket:

Fine tiny gold disc tiny locket you can also get in rose gold color. You can easily match the coin locket necklace with your ring. In t-shirt dressing round neckline tiny gold necklace give cute appearance. Thin chain can bear the weight of locket so you can enjoy every day. Small size locket and thin chain you can easily buy. Wrap the gold locket in gift box to wish any day and gift on wedding.

Glass Medallion Gold Locket:

This one gold medallion locket inspires you with nature. Inside peach flower are decorate with preservation method that add attractive charm in your look. You can enjoy the gold medallion locket beauty from front and back. Gold made beaded long chain pair heart shape locket. You can contras the god locket with peach, red, white and black dressing.

Cute Tiny Ball Locket:

Glamorous beauty of you appear when wear tiny ball locket. Shimmering look gold made ball fill in thin chain that walk around the neck of women. Find gold ball locket best suited of round neckline dresses. With halter neck dress this one tiny ball gold locket is impossible due to its small size of chain.

Gold Name Signature Locket:

Double layer style necklace decorate with name signature and top silver stone tiny heart locket. You can see women gold locket made with cable chain that is double from front. If you look the gold necklace at back it will see single. Queen beauty of you become when wears the tiny gold and signature locket. College girls like above image define locket style.

Leaf Gold Locket:

Buy and enjoy delicate gold leaf locket for attractive statement of her. Long thin chain attach with leaf locket that remain in horizontal shape in your neck. Unique but cute style locket best suited with all style of dressing. Light weight leaf locket necklace select to gift your special one. Depend on your mood you can take small chain with leaf locket.

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