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Top 2017 Silver Ring Trends

Choosing right finger ring is just like choosing perfect dress for statement look. Rings are focal hand jewelry define your personality.  Simple band to sophisticated diamond ring glam-up feminine charm. You feel excellent while shaking hand with someone or making any hand posture.

Selecting delightful rings, for regular to formal styling, is as necessary as engagement and wedding rings. What type of ring will suit you is depend over hand shape, finger size, ring material and designs.  Gold, sterling silver, diamond, platinum,

Rose gold and even metal ring incredibly designs for ladies. Silver or chrome finishing ring look fantastic. Glazed rings will catch attentions. Here we unleash fashion worthy collection of silver ring that you must admire them all.

Stretch pool finger ring:

Extremely gorgeous and eye-catching silver ring will take your breath away.  Stretch pool ring is extravagant in length. Elegant and smart ring is for empowered ladies believe on wearing statement details. Pool ring also in rose gold hues but real charm come through silver. Long and bold rings suit to long, slender, and wider fingers.

Gypsy style silver rings:

Here are bundle of silver rings wear by gorgeous lady under layering concept. Silver thing wrap bands, cuff ring and boho-chic statement rings impressively gear up for focal charm. Silver rings with arrow, crescent moon and elephant enchant thin look give extravagant look to small fingers. Lock this style to get fashion worthy look.

Twinkling star pinky finger ring:

Every girl dreams to touch stars. Twinkling stars are just in front of you eyes. Pick it and fancify pink finger to feel true elegant. Sparkling rhinestone crystal fill silver clusters connected with each other to make drop-dead finger ring. Sophisticated and feminine ring is adorable choice for evening, wedding, prom and formal party styling.

Statement ring in silver:

Sizzling hot silver wrap ring is charming detail for young ladies.  Sophisticated cut and novelty style will catch eyes.

Silver wider band:

Band, cuff, tube or gladiator ring whatever you say it can’t lose its charm with change in words. Stylish ring is in sleek style. Modern girls are crazier for band rings. It perfectly blend with ever style either classic or modern and boho or retro chic

Chunky pebble ring in silver:

Bold, bulky and statement ring perfect for edgy fashion look. Look this interesting pebble rings design with sterling silver. Lacquered glossed finishing look playful. Linhardt smooth rock ring unique style draw attentions. Sleek and confident shape impressed me. Must-have this statement for head-turning appeals.

Bold wrap ring in silver:

Exclusively design silver ring is darling complement of empowered ladies closest seeking for excellence. Unique and inspiration ring shape with novelty inspiration. Bohemian inspire silver rings create wow factor. You can wear them with formal outfit. Celebrities favorite ring define manicure charm very well.

Ultra-long index finger ring:

Paved diamond and sterling silver ring design in ultra lone lengths approximately cover ¾ part of index finger. Extravagant and daring silver ring enchant with vintage grace. Lock breath tacking jewelry to get fashion worthy style during this season.

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