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Trendy Fashion of Full Finger Rings


Rings are delicate and statement jewelry pieces define hand charm. It considered the elegant jewelry love by each woman. Gold, diamond, metal, silver and brass rings are in adorable design. Full-finger ring is one of the most pleasing and intellectual jewelry piece grabs attention.  Full finger ring allow you to grace full finger and also relief you from layering multi ring at the same time.  Full finger ring wear for fashion perception. In different countries people wear it different perception. Such as Hindu believes that full finger ring protect them from evil and harmful forces. Full finger ring become pleasant addition in gothic, gypsy, hippie, boho and vintage fashion. Here we bring alluring collection of full finger ring hope you like them.


Gypsy cuff ring:


Look at this stunning ring flawlessly design for empower ladies desired to define their hand in unusual and stylish way. The design of the ring is unique and so impressive. Cubic zirconia work is down to assemble this dazzling full finger perfectly for gypsy inspired fashion.  Two branches cuff ring is adorn with diamonds and link with chain that look fabulous.

 Diamond vine hinged full finger ring:


I love this exotic and ultra-chic full finger ring incredibly crafted in vine hinge design. It adds glistering glow and luxe accent in women personality.  18kt gold and diamonds used in thing rung provide modish and feminine look.  Hinge featured allow ring to bend which is smart way to move the finger. The ring has snaking lines and knuckle ring which give extremely fabulous charm.

Pompadour full finger ring:


This one is enthralling and impeccable style of Pompadour ring grabs attention and gives statement look to hands. It versatile and elegant ring glow feminine charm and complete the look if you are not interested in wearing other jewelry like earring, necklace or bracelet.  It adorable and inviting design attracts everyone. Sparkly black and grey diamond is choosing for filling.

Steampunk butterfly full finger ring:


It creative and unexpected mix of Steampunk and butterfly that never seen first. Steampunk fashion is delicately brought in use to design cool, chic, and fashionable full finger ring really bring vintage and bohemian charm. The ring style is so interesting and wired stealing hearts.  Sterling silver crafted full finger ring is affordable and elegant ornament in trendy girl’s wardrobe.  Filigree armor butterfly full finger ring bring   prettiest glam in girls styling just like fairies.

 Gold filigree full-finger ring:


I have a wonderful full finger ring design which really glow manicure charm.  Filigree knuckle and armor ring is spectacular jewelry piece in fashionary women jewelry boxes. Versailles gothic full finger ring are available in gold tone made with filigree, chain, beads and elastio.   When you look it first time the impression come in mind is that it’s too heavier but believe me it  lighter in weight provide comfortable and relaxed styling. Brass gold plated is design in three links ornate.

Triangular full-finger ring:


Full finger ring are in timeless style provide limitless and effortless charm to your hand.  Full-finger ring are design with different fashion inspiration such as gothic, bohemian, gypsy, retro and vintage are the common styles of the jewelry.  Here rose gold and champagne diamond ring is design in ultra-modern style that perfectly matched with retro fashion look.  18kt rose gold and diamond are delicately used to design triple triangles full finger ring.

Diamond studded full finger ring:


Women are crazy fir diamonds as it a symbol of femininity, it become statement piece in high class women wardrobes. Diamond adds shimmery and glitz accent.  Look at this delightful and terrifically awesome full finger rings design with diamond filling. Flower and leafy pattern ring cover full finger. It’s exotic ring for middle finger.

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