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How to Wear One-Legged Anklet

Anklet commonly refer foot bracelet or foot chain are trendy jewelry ornament that has long history and meaning. In each region anklet has different meanings yet here we talk is just fashion. In Indian anklets know as Payal and Pazaib belong to femininity.

Generally anklet opts for barefoot styling to rock at beach, poolside and summer cocktail but now broadly taken in modern fashion. You can perk up festive payal with street and party wears either wear high heel or walk in flats. Some trendy girls gear up payal with sneakers and loafers slippers.
Where to wear anklets on the right or left?

There is no specific rule of wearing double legged anklets however questions generally asked, “where to wear anklets on the right or left?” when come to one leg bracelet. There are different theories about one leg anklet wearing. At some places wearing anklets in left assume bad luck that connects you with evil forces.

On the other hand some believe wearing anklet on left represent femininity, marital status and belonging to their love as wedding ring also wear in left hand ring finger which connects your feeling directly with hearts. Forget about anklets etiquettes and opt to ankle for personal style otherwise it leads you toward obsession.

Basic rules to wear one-legged anklet:

• Choose anklets that are perfect in fitting and give delightful fall below the anklets.

• Loose and snugly finish is good for below the anklet wearing. Keep ankle closely fit to skin if you wears above the ankle.

• Anklets are amazing jewelry grab attention on your feet and legs. Take care of you leg and feet skin. Moisturized leg with leg and beautify pedicure with festive nail art.

• Opt to anklets style and material that suits well with your age and personality. Beaded, tassel and bohemian anklets are fabulous for teenagers and young girls while overage woman get sober look in delicate foot bracelets.

• Anklets material selection is purely passed on skin toe. Gold is better for warm tone while silver looking nice on cooler tones.

• Colorful and beaded anklets are smart opinions for style in summer with flats. Dainty anklets in fine finish look greater with high heels while chain anklets are opulent alternative to rock in sneakers.

• Mix-and-match in material and style is ingenious way to capture statement glance. You can call it double up trend.

• One-foot anklet wearing over the boots is dramatic solution to get style in cold days. You can elevate catchy look in ankle-up boots and foot bracelet if you choose both in perfect match.

What outfit chooses for ankle wearing?

One legged anklets fit hit runway and then sweep for street styling. Anklets in gold, silver, beads, leather and crochet are timeless. These increase leg charm and also accentuate whole look. Cropped jean, midi skirt, short dress, any outfit reach up to the ankle in lengths are suitable for anklet wearing. Flips-fop, flats sandals of high heels are smart choice for summer white booties and sneaker go well in cold season.

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