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White Gold Tea Pink Square Round A-shape Center Drop Leaf Diamond pendant

The word diamond derived from the word “Adamas”. Diamond is a solid material in the world. After 3000 years diamond first come in India. Diamond use in to two ways as a decoration piece and also use in battle. In middle age the worth of diamond become more. In October 1979 Argyle become the largest producer of diamond.
Pendant word comes from “pendere”. Pendant comes in the form of necklace. Necklace is the part of jewelry. Pendant has many types such as talisman, medallion, amulet, and locket.
Today diamond becomes the symbol of love. Mostly diamond ring are gifted on every occasions like weeding, engagements etc. in our selection diamond pendants are in different styles as heart, round, A-styles, snake, ribbon cross, center drop, gemstone drop, leaf, square etc.
These diamond pendants are in different color like white gold, rose pink, yellow, and in blue. In every diamond pendant a chain is fix with you hang it on neck. When you wear diamond pendant you look so beautiful. It will show your leaving states.
Diamond pendant are in high quality. Pendant gives you a shine look and you become an eye catching personality.

Stylish diamond pendants (1)

Stylish diamond pendants (1)




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Picture 146

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