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Smarts Innovation- Sensor Make-Up Mirror That Really Inspired You


Mirror mirror tell me, who is the best most beautiful in the world? Dealing with makeup, sometime, become difficult task especially when you work in consistent lights. It becomes necessary to judge make up under different light to attain best look which can possible under single light environment. It also impossible to quickly get the require lights but don’t be obsesses about it. We bring greatest solution bring you out of this struggling conditions. Yes I’m talking about sensor mirror that equipped mirror with unless light levels which automatically change when you bring you face closer to the mirror.

Infinite light level:


Sensor mirror are purely design according to our senses. Our senses are quickly adopts light that the main factor behind it creation. Two mirror and sensor mirror pro added to make this make-up mirror. Basically this mirror is in smart size. 8 inches diameter is normal size of mirror which also contains 5X-magnification while smaller mirror has 10x magnification which let you look more clearly then the larger one. Smaller mirror provide two possibilities ether you use it in front or back or the main mirror. It means you can magnify face by 5x and 10 xs and it also turn out the outer rim light for more perfection.

Motion detection:


Motion detection it one the most incredible feature which make it more attractive for make-up lovers. It quickly judges the motion. When you come closer to it automatically become brighter and hold the level until you complete the task.


Sense mirror is cordless, mirror without wire, and rechargeable mirror. It runs up to four weeks on a battery power.



Its flawless accessory amazingly connected with other app. via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. By connecting this mirror you are able to adjust mirror lights according to sunlight and overcast tones. It a magical mirror let to apply make-up according to different environment means you can do a makeup according office light while sitting in home just connect it with office app and adjust the light tone. Simple human sensor mirror is multi functional mirror as it also connects with nearest cam through Simple human app and adjusts light according to that camera requirement.

Accepting voice commands:


Simplehuman sensor mirror also accept the voice command to work more efficiently as you can speak the work to get desired lighting  setting such as speak office lighting it automatically maintain the light according to office environment.

Color-temperature control:


This mirror ingeniousally design with mimics features which also known as tru-lux lighting. It brilliantly pre-set the light, brightness and color temperature manually and through light captures.


These magical mirrors are now available at Simplehuman website just in $250.


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