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How to Apply Embossed Nail Art Creativity

Embossing is a technique to decorate your nails.  Embossing is also raised pattern that can get sophistication on your nails styling. Embossed nail art is a way of decoration or embellishment. This embossed creative art can be done on finger or toe nails after manicure and pedicure process.  This technique is used with regular nail polish or acrylic polish. It is an art of creativity that can get splendid touch on your nail art styling.

Techniques of embossed nail art:

Here are some techniques of embossed nail art.
•    Foil embossed nail art
•    Glitter embossed nail art

    Foil embossed nail art:

It is also most popular embossed technique that can apply on nails. Firstly double coat of nail paint is apply on nails then using detail brush and create the design with artistic way. After making design use foil non shinny side and press firmly over the design.

    Glittery embossed nail art:

On this technique you may also repeat above foil embossed method and sprinkle of glitter on embossed design and wait for drying. After drying other sprinkle of glitter rub on the nails.

Silver metallic embossed nail art:

Here is silver 3d embossed metallic nail art that can get fascinating glam on their modern hand carry styling.  Multi design of metlic embossed brings eye-pleasing hue on turquoise nail color. Firstly turquoise nail coat is applying on their finger nails and then apply multi designing embossed styling.

OPI gel color nails art design:

In this image you can see embossed nails with OPI gel color technique and get amazing glam on their modern. Copper glittery nail can fascinated with OPI gel color embossed designing on their nails. It can grab the attention in evening parties and style up their modern look.

Rose flower embossed nail art:

In this image you can see emerald green mat nail art that can get splendid touch on their modern carrying look.  Middle and ring finger nail is fascinated with rose featured embossed nail art.  Center finger can grab the attention on their hand styling with their embossed flower designing on their finger nails with beaded embellishment on ring finger idea.

Black embossed nail art:

Black embossed nail arty can get terrific hue on their handling style. Black mat nail coat is fascinated with black embossed designing with foil idea. This sophisticated embossed nail art designing bring versatile glam on them.  Multi designing of same black embossed designing bring eye-catching touch on their hand styling.

White embossed with stone fascination nail:

Wao! White embossed nail art can get fascinated glam on their hand styling.  On pink mat nail coat this white flowery embossed nail art can grab the attention on their fashion styling.  White embossed nail creativity can also fascinated with silver beaded embellishment and get flashing hue on their modern styling.

Nude embossed mat nail art:

Nude embossed nail art bring eye catching charm on their middle and ring finger styling.  Glossy nude base cot is looking fabulous with center embossed designing nail art. This classy embossed nail art bring versatile glam on their modern styling this nude embossed can get soften hue on their nails with velvety touch. Let’s try for your gorgeous styling and get amazing glam on their modern appearance.

Glittery embossed nail design:

Light and dark brown shade 3d embossed nail art that and gets spectacular glam on their nails styling.  index and pinky finger and get brightness with dark brown  glossy nail paint and middle finer  bring versatility with 3d embossed  flower designing and ring finger is also fascinated with  glittery  nail design.  Let’s try for your evening party function and get dreamy hue on their look.

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