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Crazy & Crazy Bubbles Nails Art- Newest Fashion Trend

Bubbles are cute and awe-inspiring pattern for define manicure charm. Get cool and polished finishing by adoring nails with beautiful bubbles nail art. Soapy bubble is charming design capture attention when you go in crowded areas. Bubbles nail art is easy to apply vary in simple to sophisticated designs.

You can mix bubbles with fish, duck, hearts, strips and dolphins to get desire look. Bubbly nail art is sweet solution for spring styling. Scroll down page to get unique ideas if you really believe on styling with making fun.

Bubbles and fish nail art:

Depicts you love toward animal by applying cool nautical-inspired bubble nail art. Cut fish and bubble nails art us jaw-dropping trend of the season based on animal theme. glossy blue cobalt blue nail pain apply as base while colorful dump nail technique apply to make cute fishes while dots add to get bubbly effects. It charming nail art for peach visiting and pool side parties.

Color-blocked bubbly nail art:

Hack this flaunting nail art design must create wow-worthy factor.   Color-block nail art I unique and festive technique much popular from last few seasons. It has greater scope in future especially in upcoming spring season.  Apply eye-catching colorblock nail with cute bubble details to define manicure charm whimsically.  Shimmery nail paints beautifully selected to pop in more color with bling touch.

Romantic date-special bubbly nails:

Hack this drop-deadly romantic nail art design packed with love, texture and fun.  Red and white nail art is incredible solution for date and valentine special styling. Each and every ginger adorn in individual style. All patterns look nice yet finger ring   nail art design grabs attentions. White nails ingeniously fascinate with bubbles, diy and romantic red heart.

Bubbles water-color nail design:

Come on girls! Here I’m going to explain the method to apply water color bubble nail art that will look fabulous. Blue and green make fantastic combination. You can choose any combo of color of own choice but never forget to take separate base color which highlight bubbles effects. First apply base color. Let it dry.

Mix tint if color in larger amount of water, not too much, and place drops of mixture on nails. Let them to dry at normal temperature.  When you feel edges of bubbles dry smoothly take a dry brush and absorb the excess water by placing it in the center.

Pastel bubbles nail art:

Go for pastel charm to get delightful appeal in summer season. Pastel nail art is now on demand.  Soft colors give cool and charming feel. Make Bubbles in pastel color to adorn finger nail just show in above photo. Transparent nail paint neatly apply first then soft color nail paints used to create different sizes dots.

You can make dots with hands or apply readymade dots. Focus over texture. It must be attractive and playful. Now it time to give glossy finishing. Apply shiner for this purpose.  Adorn all nail one by one expect ring finger. Ombre stripped nail art effects given to fascinate ring which transform entire nail art.

3D bubble nails art:

Are you looking for sizzling hot and sexy nail art? Come here we have special idea for you. Black and burgundy color nails art is impressive solution for bold and dramatic look. If you apply both colors in simple way it doesn’t look so attractive.

To get jaw-dropping results decorate them with bubbles. I’m not talking about hump nails.  It’s all about soapy bubbles. Colorful Swarovski stone and circle beads ingeniously paste on simple nails to get statement appeals effortlessly.

Neon bubbles manicure:

Want to fixed all eyes on you, must try it.  Get fiery hot and flirting charm by applying neon color bubbly nail art. Refreshing and cool color neon nail paints are wonderful choice to pop in colors. Bright acid yellow base color highlight turquoise color bubbles. Tiny and larger bubble draws asymmetrically that fill the top and transform in points at the bottom.

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