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Cute & Easy Watercolor Nail Art


Hay my pretty dear today here we bring watercolor nail art tutorial. Easy to do on self bases colorful nail art that impress other you can look below. With this nail art you can buy the opportunity to play with colors and get favorite colors. In our collection scream nail art, checkered print, rainbow bubble, building block, tip toe, dual color; marble nail art fun is involved. Personally I like so much these design and want to try. I hope you also like genius and cheap watercolor nail art.

Look below!

White Base Watercolor Scream Nail Art:


Color splash fun art idea is show eye catching image. Random splash of color draw with white base. All favorite color splashes get on short nail that make your summer cool. You can match color scheme of nail art with your flower print dressing. Casual to look nail art can enjoy trendy girls and celebrate picnic with friends. Scream nail art give you opportunity to play with colors.

Rainbow Bubble Watercolor Nail Art:


As earlier you enjoy rainy season in childhood now enjoy that fun and entertainment with another style look in above image. Water color Rainbow bubble art easy to make with white base coat that create clear look of cute bubble. Your friends also want to enjoy this one nail art when see your cute look nail. You not need to get other material just collect water color and white nail polish.

Tumblr Watercolor Nail Art:


Simple and easy to attain nail art fun you can make with watercolor. Orange and blush pink watercolor nail art give glossy expression even in natural light. You can make you summer days enjoyable with this nail art that can achieve on self base. Cheap nail art like more the trendy girls on every day’s base. Mostly girls match nail color with their skirt.

Watercolor Tip Toe Nail Art:


Tip toe nail art develop functional look. With Transparent base of nail toe are do with different color and little drop of rich glittery golden. I love with this nail art and want to try personally. You need just watercolor and glitter. On dry transparent nail polish glitter tightly get space.

Building Block Watercolor Nail Art:


The above image defines building block nail art much interesting. School girls on holiday can apply art fun on their nail with the help of water color. Little paint does in each building with different color scheme. On white base of nail building block become prominent and with this easy nail art you can get other attention.

Marble Blue, Pink, Purple Watercolor Nail Art:


Cool and fresh feelings create under marble nail art fu idea. Blue, pink and purple watercolor are selected in drawing the marble nail. Long nail color match with your blue jeans dressing of skirt. I love how marble nail art look when I get on her nails. For fall winter or summer you can follow the breezy nail art in which you can play with colors.

Checkered Design Watercolor Nail Art:


Checkered print watercolor nail art especially design for Girls that like to wear checkered print shirt dressing. Now she can impress others with genius nail art design that also founded in their shirt with blue jeans outfits. Pastel colors are pick-up in this nail art tutorial. Square boxes are drawing in each color that unique from other.
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