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Dual Color Nails Art for Magical Manicure

Single-tone nail art become old and boring pattern in these days. Trendy girls are looking for inspiration nail art designs that add manicure magic that glow their hand and feet nail charm. Multi color nail art is little difficult of lazy and beginner girls.   Two tone nail art is beast option of those girls who desired easy and quick Appling nail art designs. Two colors nail are in casual and sophisticated designs that might put you cheerful and pleasant mood. Two color nails designs are super cool and super edgy option for women, no matter how old you are. Decorate you nails with funky and eye-pleasing dual tone nail art designs to look gorgeous and versatile.

Dual Color Nails Art with Floral Touch:


Grey and aqua color loss glossy nail arts are amazing trendy that bring grace and sober touch.   Light grey and aqua ad soft and smooth   accent with little uniqueness. Index and pinky finger nails is adorn with aqua nail paint while thumb and middle finger with grey pain color. Here ring finger is glace with unusual and inspiration ways. Both color flowers with white base is interesting ideas to look something unique.

Classy Two Color Nail with Twist:


Are you desired simple yet beautiful classic inspired nail art? Try this flawless and cute dual nail art designs. Coral and black classic nails are applied with unique twist. Coral base with black side corner filling look impressive. This elegant and chic nail brings warmth and cozy vibe in formal styling especially in fall season.

Glossy Purple and Silver Nail Art:


Highly glossy and shimmery nail art is magnificent design for evening celebration. Glossy purple heavy coated finger with drop shaped rhinestone adornment look beautiful while index fingers is adorn with shimmery silver paint. Ring finger nails add dramatic touch. Silvery wavy patterned on purple is draw to capture attention. It’s really marvelous nail art designs works with every styling.

Double Color Nails Art with Matte Look:


Trendy yet unbeatable nail is always capture factionary girls attentions. Matte nail art is also popular as well as glossy and low gloss nail arts. A matte nail design in pink colors is coolest style look gorgeous with black   lines. Pink nail polish is apply as base color and black line in “Y” shape draw while gaps also filled with pink colors nail paint that make you feel cheerful and happy.

Black and Golden Polka Dots Nail Art:


Black and golden nail is splendid and warmth contrast for dual nail art. Glitter, stripes and polka dotted patterns combine to add gleaning manicure charm. Thumb, middle and pinky finger nails decor with Polk dots nails art designs. Black mini polka dots and glowing golden base add hot and sexy touch.   Index finger nails is embellished with black glossy nail paint with two glittery golden strips draw in horizontal line. Ringer finger give distinct and fascinating look in shimmery gold.

V-Tip Two Color Nail Design:


Coral and aqua color nails art is chic and playful nail designs bring nautical accent in girl’s personality. It’s cool art for trendy brides for coral, Turquoise theme weddings. Coral or aqua and coral and turquoise are inviting nails designs for beach styling in spring and summer days. These soft hue glow you mesmerizing beauty and innocence. V-shaped turquoise nail tip and coral bottoms look awesome.

Stud Embellished Monochromic Nail Art:


White and black are statement and classy color that always place at peak of the graph when we talk about fashion. Black and white is monochromic color give neutral feel to trendy girls. It best colors combo for everyday ad formal styling. Vertically half black and half white with golden square stud   embellished bottom is impressive and graceful idea for intellectual woman.

Two Tone Black and Golden Nails:


Asymmetrical golden sequin chunks embellished black and red is hot and sexy nail art designs that look glamorous. Its add opulence and playful charm in girls personality. Try this fascinating and enthralling double color nail art for evening, date and other romantic party styling.


These are fewer designs for double color art but you can also trey two color omber, snowy, plaid, checked, flower, striped, and wavy nail art to glow hand harm. Hope you like it.

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