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Funky Nimbus Nails Art Must-Lock to Look Cool

Nail art become overwhelming fashion trend used to adorn hands. Attractive nail art define hand charm and create elegant tone which groom feminine personality. Choosing the best nail art in an obsessing   moment make you confused and depressed. Leave all those nail art crowded everywhere and try something new and interesting.

Nimbus nail arts playful way to adorn nails with bold and feminine touch. Nimbus nail is inspired from Nimbus clouds, luminous cloud, effects. You can easily create this effect to enhance wow-worthy manicure.  Must-follow fashion statement to polish you personality and style.

How to apply nimbus nail art:

Nimbus nail art is interesting thing pop in funky touch. You can enjoy activity of Appling nimbus nail art, it too easy just take five-ten minutes to adorn both hand finger nails. Let join us to learn easy nimbus nail art applying technique.


•    Nail polish (choose your favorite shade to put on base coat)
•    Acetone
•    Cotton swabs/ cotton bud
•    Plastic plate or foil to pour out acetone
•    Topcoat polish


    Prep you nail for cute nail art application.
    Choose soft color base coat which permit visible look to all shades put on it.  White base coat work perfect but if you need darker color base coat then choose soft shades for nimble effects.
    Smoothly apply base coat by applying mate or glossy nail paint smoothly from cuticle edges to tip of the nail.  Now let the base coat to dry it completely for further assessment.
    Pour outs little amount of Acetone and nail polished layout on plastic sheet, plate of foil. Make sure that each color lay out individually.
    Take cotton bud and let it soak acetone and then use it to mix acetone with nail paint in circular motion until it in liquid consistence, will check by staining the cotton bud on flat surface.
    Now dab cotton swab to make random polka dots directly on nail.
    Repeat the process I with other nail color if you want to pop in more shade with overlapping effects. Let the nail dry thoroughly.  To get chumming and long lasting look apply topcoat smoothly on dry nails.
    Finally soak brush in acetone to remove extra nail paint around the nails for neat finishing.

Pretty pink nimbus nails:

Awesome! Pinks nimbus nail art is dreamy deal to adorn nail in summer days. Refreshing tone and delicate nail art define hand manicure charm very well. Soft pink nail polish applies as base coat while hot pink shade applies to make romantic nimbus effects.

Fiery orange nimbus nails:

It’s cool technique to allure nail during summer and fall. White base coat highlight orange nimbus. Orange and yellowish dots dab in center of the nail by keeping tips and bottom remain simple. It looks flawless in fiery orange shades.

Unicorn-inspire nimbus:

Do you love with Disney and fairy tale stories then must try it Girlish pink and purple nimbus unicorn and floral pattern incredibly mix to adorn nail. Fairy-inspire pink nails look so beautiful. I love, it do you?

Bubbly nimbus nails art:

Flawless! Paste pink and blue bubbly accent nimbus nail art is jaw-dropping manicure type to enchant nail during spring and summer times.  Colored nimbus applies on white base that look amazing with metallic gold stuff embellishment.

Green nimbus nails art:

Statement manicure look in green hue is fantastic ideas to get wow-worthy appeal. Green and yellow nimbus nails art will catch eyes when you walk in crowded areas.  All fingers except ring finger adorn with nimbus nail art.

Floral nimbus nails:

Floral and nimbus effects   are incredibly romantic nail art for trendy girls seek for excellence. These nail art are best for those of you interested in unique and sophisticated nail art.  First draw nimbus nail art and let it dry thoroughly. When it dry completely draw floral pattern with black nail art to collect countless comments.

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