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Multi Designing Stripped Summer Nail Art Style

Stripped nail art idea can get funky charm on your nails with colorful nail paints. Horizontal, vertical or asymmetric stripped nails can glimpse tremendous charm on your nails. Colorful stripped are also ascent your base coat nails and style your nails look.

Floral stripped designs, gold silver asymmetric stripped design, colorful multiple stripped design, neon stripped on chalkboard style and many more designs can fascinated your nails and add glamour on your hand styling. Let try on this summer evening style and get center of attention with your artistic nail style.

Gold silver black stripped brighten nail art:

Colorful based Gold silver and black asymmetric stripped nail art can get brightness on your nails. Bright color lover are like this nails art and ascent their nails brighten shade nail paint and add striped for creativity. Black, bottle green, maroon, navy blue and yellow colored nail coat can get glamorized hue on your nails with shiny gold silver or black stripped with top glossy transparent coat embellishment.

Pink flower stripped nail art:

Stripped floral nail art with glossy hot pink nail paint style bring eye-catching charm on your hands. Solid pink hibiscus flower on stripped bring magnificent touch on your index and ring finger. Thumb, Middle and pinky finger ca amused your stripped nail art with glossy hot pink nail paint.

Sophisticated horizontal stripped nail art:

Black, white, grey and pink green stripped square edge nail art can get sophistication on your ands and groomed your look. White based coat is applying on your finger nails and then paste the scotch tape with stripped style and ascent your stripped nails art. Pink and green color can add brightness on your nails.

Summer yellow nail art with side vertical stripped:

Wow! One side black and white versatile stripped yellow nail art can add uniqueness on your hands styling. Mango yellow shade summer nail base coat can get artistic glam with black and white vertical stripped nail design. This lovely summer evening party nails can get prominent touch on your modern look.

Mehndi function stripped nail art:

Elegant colorful stripped nail art can get glossy charm with shinny nail coat color. Red olive green and emerald green shade stripped nail art is perfect for mehndi function. Young girls are like it and match their mehndi costume and style up their nails with colorful stripped nail art at home setting with easy techniques.

Neon stripped chalk board nail art:

Chalkboard neon horizontal stripe nail art bring eye-catching charm on your nails styling. In night parties this unique style nail art is prominent on your hands. Orange, blue, coral pin, teal and plum horizontal stripped are scent on black chalk board based nail coat and get charming hue on your hands.

Vertical and asymmetric stripped nail art:

Black and white vertical and asymmetric stripped nail art can get versatility on their hands styling. Index and pinky finger are fascinated with blush pink nail art with edge black and gold eye featured nail art. Their black and white stripped nails can get [prominent charm on their blush pink nail style. Let try for your formal or informal styling.

Colorful multiple stripped nail art:

Colorful multiple stripped nail art can ascent your summer fashion look. Round edges nails are designed with multiple brighten shade stripped and style up their summer evening look. Pink, yellow, green, red, black, white and blue stripped can ascent your nails with this creative stripped style.

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