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Natural Soft Nail Art Ideas for Every Day

Are you searching soft ail art tutorial then don’t foget our today collection that about it. We bring cute nail art then you can make own. Muti color ocmbination choose for natural soft nail art that best suited for both winter and summer season. You can attend a eveningp arty and make your day happy with lovely appearance of your nails. For all shape of nail soft nail art is ocnsider best. Look below and seelct your favorite!

Soft Nail Art for fall:

Rose red, plum, and ivory colors are so soft for fall to show in blush pink knit sweater sleeve. Arrange the colors as rose red for index and small finger, plum for middle and ivory for ring finger. Golden glitter is use over ivory nail for little blush in day light.

Love with Chocolate Chip, Beige Soft Color:

For your long almond shape nail you should choose chocolate chip and beige color polish. Only ring finger cute nail paint in dark whiles other in beige. Silver sequin you can spark in corner of nail to make these stylish.

Squoval Shape Nail in Soft Color:

Make your day happy with cute look finger nail appearance. If your nail shape is in Squoval you can pain them in basic gray, glittery pink, plum, and in champagne. Its casual color selection for painting nails in cool winter.

Teal and Purple Nail Art:

Teal and purple color combination select for you small nail. Bright look of your finger nails become with teal and purple nail art. You can see some nail tip is in purple with back teal base and vice versa. You can try soft color nail art in coming summer.

Yellow, Chocolate and Mauve Green Nail:

It’s a lovely nail art that feel fresh and cool in hot days. Paint your thumb and ring finger in yellow, chocolate for index and small while ring finger in mauve green. Leaves art you can enjoy with mauve green base.

Soft Red and Silver Festive Nail Art:

For an evening party you can choose above image define nail art that make with red and silver. Long nail tips are decorate in dark red and silver flower. Red and silver colors easily match with your red dressing.

Deep Pink, Brown, and Beige Soft Nail Art:

I select deep pink, brown and beige color nail art to pick up the tasty coffee cup in hand and look pretty. Quality nail polish should buy that blush. With your fair finger soft nail art can create focal image.

Soft Pastel Marble Nail Art:

For a crazy Sunday when you planned to going in a friend party choose soft pastel marble nail art. Basic gray, blush pink, silver and white marble nail make pretty appearance that can impress other. How you can arrange the colors follow the above image.

Soft and Glittery Nail Art:

Like these multi color soft nail art in which little addition of glitter make these stylish. Easy nail art that you can enjoy own in short time get with soft color combination.

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