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Plaid Nail Art

15 Trendy Plaid Nail Arts Easy To Draw


Bring exciting and joyful accent in everyday style with interesting and eye-pleasing nail art which not only adorn your hand yet also bring captivating charm, hand define style of woman. Timeless nail arts and patterns used to allure hand nails yet here we talk about plaid nail art. Is look feel innovative or pleasant in first look? Off course plaid nail art is unique and unusual style that few women known about it.   Pair your nails with scarf or plaid shoes as plaid become tremendous complement in women wardrobes. Trendy women are conscious for plaid styling. Plaid dresses, blazers, coats, skirts and scarves became old now this time plaid shoes, handbags and nail art hits the top points of fashion trends graph.


Plaid nail are id little different form gingham nail art. You can make any checked patterned with any colors while in gingham nail art which is staple element. Striper and vertical lines draw in different pattern to adorn nails in plaid style. You can embellish nails with plaid nail stockers or decorative   artificial nails but here we bring fascinating styles of painting nails in plaid styles.

How to Paint Plaid Nails

Plaid nails are easy to draw if you best known about the applying procedure. No one born perfect everyone have to take an initial step and then repetition of that take make her perfect you don’t be worried and just put your first step then success come in your feet.

Note down the basic material used to adorn plaid nail

  • White or desired color nails polish as base
  • Nail polish kits of your desired colors with look in plaid s.
  • Clear nails polish to five finishing touch, cuticle and scissors.
  • Paintable nail stickers or thin nail polish brush

Now follow the procedure of painting nails.


Take nail cutter or scissors to shape your nails in desire shape.

Apply Vaseline to protect around the nail skin as paint can’t stick on skins.

Now apply white base coat firstly as it highlight the plaid pattern. You can apply other colors as black, grey, pinks any according to you plaid pattern or matched with outfit colors. 2 or 3 coat in matte colors is best base for plaid. Cut nail sticker in strips they may thick or thin   totally depend on plaid style and nail shape. And paint strips with nail colors when these strips fully dries stick them in vertically and horizontally of nails in desired plaid pattern if you are not perfect in drawing straight lines with nail brush.

You can also draw lines with thing nail brush. Just dip nail brush and make outline and leave it to dry after that make lines that cross the bottoms corner of nails or draw with plaid pattern your prefer. Let that nail paint to dry.

Finally apply clear nail polish coat to give finishing touch.

Dramatic Nails in Plaid Pattern


Red, white and black plaid pattrend bails that fully cover four nails and leave half ringfinger nail plan with base coat. It cool ideas to bring verstaility in plaid styling.

White And Navy Blue Plaid Nails


White base coat and navy blue vertical and striped plaid nail are is cool and chic ideas to adorn nails in summer days.

Matte Black And Red Plaid Nails


Apply red matte nail polish as base and draw palid pattren with matte plack with just single coat. Ring and middle finger in plaid and other in plaid look gorgious.

Artistic Powder Blue Nail Art


Aqua or light powder blue nail polish is apply as base and then goldern nail polish is used to draw outlice. Assymertical line with darker podwer plue draw to   make eye-pleasing plaid.

Lacquare N Plaid Nails in Red and Black


Red and black in lacqure is good option for plaid nail yet   goldern glittey line glow its charm.

Neon Plaid Nail Art


Nude or beige colors base on which whitem black and red libe drawn to male plaid is superb idea to adorn mails of everydays styling.

Dramatic Red And Green Plaid Nails


Red and green nail as bace with black and whiye vertical line and strips is flawless option which glimps nail charm.

Winter Nails With Match With Plaid Scarf


Graceful Plaid Nails Black And Grey


Eye-Pleasing Plaid In Vivid Colors


Navy And Nude Nail Art


Plaid And Flower Naild Art


Cool Summer Inspired Plaid Nail Art


Pastel Colors Plaid Nail Art



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