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Shattered Glass Nail Art -Hottest Fashion Trend Of The Season

Today I’m going to surprised you with trendy manicure nail at trend. Its shatered mirror nail art. Shattered mirror or glass nail arrt is famour nail art  inspired from koriesn beauty. Its also recognized with outher name such as brocken mirror ann cracked mirror nail art. Opt to charmming Shattered glass nail art design to get flashy manicure look.

These festive nail art are easy to apply. You can do this job at home. Simply cut rainbow or glass film sticker in desire shape otherwise go for readymade film stickers available in market. Apply favorite color nail paint for base coat and paste glass sticker. Let it dry nicely and apply top coat to get subtle look. Let see trendiest glass manicure nail art designs put on the fire.

Geometrical Shattered nails art:

Awesome it look like you discover a diamond pyramid. Geometrical shaped nail art with shattered glass mirror adornment give enthralling appeal. It‘s romantic nail art design for prom, wedding and evening styling. Albino base color highlights statement design.

Pastel Shattered mirror nail:

Pastel inspired shattered mirror is playful manicure idea which permits soft and delightful charm. Bring slight change in nail paint application.  Keep index finger simple without mirror chunks decoration. It simply paints in blush pink color while other finger festooned with transparent base and metallic broken mirrors pieces.

Rainbow-inspire Shattered nail:

It feel like color steal from rainbow spectrum, multi-color rainbow shatter mirror nails and hottest choice for evening, date and prom parties. Lacquered black glossy nail polish is choosing to enhance statement result. Multi color glass mirror chunks pop is sparkly splash which capture attentions.

Bling Shattered mirror nails:

Glittery gold glam theme shattered mirror nail is whimsically romantic option for sexy ladies. Glamour inspired broken mirror nail art is popular trend richly followed by celebrities and fashion forward ladies. Metallic gold film cutout adorably paste on black base cost to grace all finger other than ring finger. Glitter polish topcoat is best choice to accent nail in dramatic way.

Gold glam- Shattered nail:

Simple and sleek cracked mirror metallic nail art is drop-deadly details for define manicure charm especially when you get ready for special event celebration. It works best in every situation. Black and golden shattered mirror nail art is wonderful choice to fine abstract yet ultra-feminine touch.

Gorgeous broken mirror nail art:

Sage green nail paints beautifully apply for nautical-chic look. Its cool nail art design grabs attention. You can pick it for daylight styling. Shattered mirror glass piece in turquoise, blue and purple color choose to adorn nail in unique style.

Eye-catching Shattered nails:

Focus over minimalist details rather than whole application. It looks awesome as show in above photo, small portion of nail ingeniously fascinate with shatter mirror metallic pieces in asymmetrical style.  Hack this festive nail art to generate wow-worthy factor.

Gorgeous Shattered mirror nail design:

Paste cracked mirror mail art:

Brocken mirror manicure nails art:

 Romantic shattered mirror nail art:

Korean shattered mirror nail art:

Stunning spring nail art:

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