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Splendid Idea of Blue Nail Art for Casual and Formal Look


Blue nail art is brightening shade nail art that can popularize in trendiest ladies. Blue nail art can applying on their nail with casual and formal appearance. Now summer season comes so you can also try this summer blue nail art that can add cool glam on them.  You can try with their matching and contrasted dress. Long and short nails can fascinate with creative and artistic blue nail design and bring tempted glam on them.

Here are some modern style blue nail art designs that can embellish your nail with creative hues on parlors. So, you must try for their gorgeous appearance.

Splendid polka dot blue nail art:

blue and white polka dot nail art

Polka doted blue nail art can add interesting glam on them. Short round edge nails can add accent hue on their modern nail styling. You can like it then try and go on parlor and applying their nails with royal blue base coat with white and turquoise small and large dot adoration. It can visible with their formal attire.

Blue Patterned tip nail art design:


Blue patterned finger tip nails bring enchanting hue on your round nails. First transparent coat bring glossy touch with white and blue patterned finger tip nails. Trendy girls are inspired with these nails and try this style nail and going on parlor for creative blue nail art. In summer season this chic style nails can allure your modern appearance.

Galaxy nails art designs:


Galaxy nail art bring bold hue on your nails. Blue touch with galaxy inspired nail can add pleasurable touch on your pretty hands. Square edge galaxy nails bring tremendous glam on them. Galaxy nails are dreamy hue nails that can flash out your trendiest charm.  You can also try for their gorgeous charm and add versatility in their appearance.

Golden sparkly ringer finger with blue nail art:


Glossy blue nail paint is applying on entire nails and ring finger nail is also adorned with golden sparkly designing. It can center of attention on their nails. Sparkly glittery ring finger nail can add artistic glam on your modern blue nail art designing. It can match with their dress and locating bloom on parties with their unique styling.

Omber marble nail design:


Omber marble nail art can add splendid glam on your modern appearance. Light and dark blue shade marble omber nail can gleam your modern styling.  Light and dark omber can add gleaming hue on their nails. In summer party it can captivate your modern appearance with their unique designing.

Sea themed blue and white nail art:


Beach themed blue and white nail art on finger nails bring elegant glam on them. All singers designed with different beach themed adoration. Index finger is decorated with white and blue stripped. Middle finger is also featured with finger tip stripped design. Ring finger can fascinate with white nail color on blue sailor boat sign and pinky finger can also adorned with same middle finger design.

Chic blue flower nail art:


Here is cute finger tip nails that can fastened with blue flower and center stone adoration idea. Round edge nails are adorned with base transparent nail coat then finger tips design and on the tips are adorned with blue flowers and beaded decoration. Chic blue flower nail art bring eye-pleasing glam in summer casual parties.

Blue dip dye nails art:


Dip dye blue omber nail art can add interesting glam on them. White nail coat can decorated with blue dip dye nail art design.  Round nails are looking fabulous with dip dye finger tips nail art design. You can go on beauty salon and try dipping dye blue nail art for their stunning look. When you can go on parties then try it enchanting hue.


Blue nail art is gleaming idea that can add versatility in their modern look.

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