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Trendy Galaxy Nails Art for Mysteries Accent


Gleaming galaxy nail art is sophisticated yet spectacular art to adorn nail in interesting way. Galaxy nail art become popular fashion trendy among fashionable girls. It’s inspiration nail art for those who desired to discover their worlds. Galaxy nail is highly talent intensive art which need perfection and clarity in it finishing look. You have to pay attention while applying galaxy nail art. Hundreds of galaxy nail paint   tutorial are on web page bring ease in life and learn you’re about how to apply layered of nail colors for galaxy nail art. It not a critical task yet need some purification.   You can easily adorn nails in short time. Follow this tip and   perfectly paint your nails in galaxy style.

How to Apply Galaxy Nail Paint


Firstly pare your nails to apply nails are.   Shaped nails with nail clip or nail file in desired shoes. Oval, round, almond, square tip are different shaped of nails.

Rub small amount of Vaseline around the nails to protect skin around the nail it restrict nail paint to stick on skin while you apply nail pain.

Paint your nail with back ground color. If you desired to dark galaxy then apply back as back colors. Pastel galaxy nail art look gorgeous with pink   base color.

Give an illusion of distance between stars as they look for ways yet come near when go further. Apply a layer of clear nail polish with silver glitter fleck. Avoid layering   mush glitter as it spoil finishing look.

Chooses you favorite galaxy colors to give galaxy effects, bright blue, green, pink and purple hues are commonly used in galaxy nail art yet you can use pastel hues for more elegance.

Matte or opaque colors are suitable of galaxy paint.

Take little piece of sponge to add layers of nail paint as brush is not best for it. Hold sponge with tweezers and dip in galaxy colors nail bottle take small amount of nail paint. Now place in center or the nail that it can’t touch skin around the skin.

Subsequently apply differ color layer in same pattern. Yet over layer or to mush colors   not good for it’s as it give off finishing. Concentrate on less.

Now it time to give finishing touch as our nail paint is totally dried. Use a nail polish remover to remove extra nail paint from cuticles and skin around the nails for neat look.

Over The Sea Galaxy Nail Art


Glowing blue and black nail painted galaxy nail polish explore mystery and bring sophisticated accent in girls styling. Its eye-pleasing nail art designs superb cool and chic way to adorn nails for evening parties. Gleaming star, shiny ocean and full moon create romantic vibe. It’s full moon night view on the sea that appeals artistic peoples.

Pastel Galaxy Nail Art


Square toe long nails, light toe hand shin with pastels hues attract someone. Pastel is soft and chic hue that bring prettiest charm in girls look. Light pink, purple, white and sky-blue color pastel nail art is amazing ideas to daylight parties. Trendy girls love this lovely nail adornment.

Twinkling Stars Galaxy Nails


black background with plue, plum and whiye nail polish finishing look gorgious. White twinkling stars dwan amazingly that give closer and far aways vision as your go nearer the stars.

Cool Galaxy Nailart


Its cool and impeceable style of nail art that give distnictive look. It evovk unseem boundries of galaxy. Gleaming star far away over the sky create magical vibe that apeals your. It romantic nail art designs bring a smile on your face.

Glossy Galaxy Nail Are


Highly glossy nail paint used to embellish nail in artistic way. Glossy galaxy nail add glowing and sparkly accent in girls personality. Teenager and fashionary collage going love this fascinating nail art.

Gorgeous Galaxy Nails


Sunset Galaxy Nail Art


Colorful Galaxy Nails Art


Sparkly Galaxy Nails



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