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Unexpected Color Block Nail Art Design

You need color block nail art to make her eye-catch beauty. With this nail tutorial you can easily match your dressing and other accessories. At least two colors are used for color block nail art. It’s so easy and fun idea to enjoy in free time. For color block nail art you need not high and much material just get two to three color nail polish, brush and scotch tape.

Trendy girls can pick up color block nail art casually or for summer parties. Amazing idea wear plaid shirt and get color block nail art then look in mirror how much you become pretty. For more look below!

Black & White Color Block Nail:

Black and white color block nail art is perfect for your cocktail party. On oval shape nail black and white strips are draw in specific direction. Trendy look create in your personality with simple color block nail art. Wear silver ring in cute finger with that eye-catch beauty come in your look. With the help of scotch tape you can draw color block nail art on self base.

Purple Colors Block Nail Art:

Dazzling look purple color nail art must try with your spring summer dressing. What a nice pattern choose for nail art in which dark color are prominent. Inspire color block nail painting get with your plaid shirt that you casually wear. Above image nail is fun idea with that you can entertain in spare time. Eye-catch attraction comes in your personality when you copy color bloc nail.

Orange & Ivory Colors Block Nail Art:

Taste full nail art draw with orange and ivory polish that so cool and cute. Not only geometric or strip pattern specific for color block nail you can copy above image one. Round shape nail are divided in two colors to easy match with dressing. You enjoy orange color block nail art and down think it show Horrible. Youngest girls can easily follow two color nail art.

Awesome Colors Blocks Nail Art:

This one gorgeous look nail art get with multi color nail polish. Other will happy to see your color block nail art in which different color with perfect combination are draw. Each round nail tip in three different color nail polish. With plain and printed dress you can match your color block nail art in which all color are define exist in your dressing.

Geometric Pattern Color Block Nail Art:

Are you color freak? I am color lover because these give me new life hopes and keep me in good mood. I also much inspired with color block nail art that give m space to make combination with my all favorite colors. Amazing color block fun keeps you busy in your spare time when you bore and dull. Lucky who have earlier inspire with color block ail art.

Mini Colors Block Nail Art:

With your bright color winter sweater this one color block nail art will be good idea. Mini color block nail art you can do with three colors and one part of nail remain clear. With best width of nail you can easily define each color. First manicure your nail wit clear nail polish and then over it show bright look. Casually you can inspire with color block nail art.

Pastel Color Block Nail Art:

Soft pastel color block nail art feel yummy in summer. With white, pink and sky blue dressing above image block nail art is big surprise. On each nail two colors are dividing with silver line. On Squoval shape nail you can inspire with pastel nail art.

If you are art master then copy block nail art not difficult task for you to perform in short time. For summer day party get this pastel color block nail art and get other attention.

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