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Unique Summer Nail Art with Fruit Painting Ideas

Yummy summer fruits are attractive for everyone for eating. But now we introduce summer fruits with unique styling like nail art. Fruity nail art can grab the attraction on your summer nail art styling and get charming hue on your nails. Yummy fruits are painted on nails with different colors and unique fruit painting techniques.

Fruit inspired nail can get dramatically glam on your gorgeous summer evening or cocktail party styling. Apple, banana, lemon, strawberry, kiwi, water melon, pineapple, orange grapes and mix fruit nail art can grab the attraction on your nail styling in summer.
Scroll down this post and search juicy fruity nail art on you long or short nail styling.

Green lemon slice tips nail art:

Green lemon tips nail art can get fabulous hue on your petty nail art styling. transparent base coat nail art is fascinated with green glittery tips nail are adorn with green lemon slice and get natural juicy hue on their nail styling. Let enjoy on this summer fruity nails for evening party styling.

Juicy watermelon nails art:

Yummy! Juicy watermelon is tasty and juicy fruit of summer. Everyone likes watermelon in summer. Watermelon nail art on large square edge nail art can get cool charm in summer look. Green peel tips edge red water melon print nail art can glimpse marvelous touch on their gorgeous styling. This cool summer evening styling water melon nail art can get charming hue on their long nail styling.

Kiwi fruit nail art:

Kiwi is yummy fruit that favorite for everyone. Here you can see unique idea to accentuate your nail with this lovely kiwi fruit painting on nails. Firstly apply green base coat on your nail then center white circular design and get tooth pick for spread corner of white and then black dots can give complete look for kiwi fruit on your nail. Ring finger can grab the attraction with kiwi tips nail styling.

Funky pineapple painting on nail:

Delicious! Pineapple is yummy fruit. This yummy juicy fruits is use as simple fruit or many deserts. Pineapple funky nail art in summer party and grab the attraction on you gorgeous styling. This unique pineapple is paint on nail and get astonishing touch on your nail styling.

Middle and ring finger are designed with yellow pineapple patterned nail art with index and pinky fingers are painted with yellow plain nail paint and get charming hue on you nail styling. Pineapple glasses can get funky touch on your nail styling.

Orange stiletto nail art:

Orange is tasty juicy winter fruit. Everyone likes orange fruit. Orange stiletto nail can grab the attraction on your gorgeous styling. Stiletto nails are painted with orange base coat and center two fingers are adorned with lemon slice design orange inside slice featured nail art can get cool winter hue on your stylish stiletto nail styling.

Grapes nail art:

Grapes are juicy summer fruits that can favorite of everyone. Grapes featured nail art can also get charming hue on you summer nail styling. glossy iris shade nail coat is apply on round edge nail and fascinated with grapes featured nail art with doted style can get center of attention on their gorgeous styling.

Red apple tips nail art:

Apple is healthy fruit that can beloved of every person. Red apple are painted on tips nail and get charming hue on their summer styling. Round edge long nail can glamorized their gorgeous styling with transparent base coat nail styling. Red apple tips nail can get stunning hue on their fruit inspired nail styling.

Mix fruit nail art:

Mix fruit nail art can also get charming he in summer evening styling. Every nail is painted with different fruit design and gets attractive hue on their gorgeous styling. Kiwi, dragon fruit, watermelon, lemon and strawberry painted fruit nail art can glimpse tremendous glam on you stunning evening styling.


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