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Feather Tattoo Amazing Way to get Feel of Freedom


Feather tattoos are the most beautify way to adorn body in unsexy way.  Feather tattoo allow you to show deep love with feathery friends. Feather aren’t for body adornment it an impeccably way to express feeling and emotions. Feathers have different meanings in different cultures.

It gain popularity among both men and women as it express the ability of flying, don’t means you are flying like a bird actually, according to emotional and spiritual perception. Peacock, cockatoos, eagle, owl and ostrich feather symbolized with different meaning according to their spiritual belongings, cultural and heritage biases feather tattoo also individual meaning related to the character of the bird.

Peacock feather are closely related to love, royalty and richness. Owl feather are reflect wisdom, intelligence and honor while eagle feather associated with strength and courage. It also reflects a feel of freedom either emotional or spiritual.

Women love feather tattoo. They draw feather over the hands, fingers, foot, thighs, shoulder arms and even skull just behind the ear.  Rib cage, bake and neck tattoo also prominent fashion trend whatever the size is larger of smaller.

Finger feather tattoo:


It‘s impeccable tiny feather tattoo draw on the ring feather to show deep bellowing with her love.  Black feather tattoo visually look gorgeous along with symbolic meaning. Feather tattoo is interesting art resulting in smooth and delicate look.  An individual feather has more attraction them other combinations.

Water color feather tattoo:


Get quite different or unaccepted glace by drawing feather tattoo in color. Water color feather tattoo  represent all color of life as  color feather also has meaning such as white feather are for faith, hope and protection, red for luck, courage, and passion.  Purple means for joy, cheerfulness and intelligence while black feather are for protection, mystical wisdom and growth. Most people prefer black feather to adorn their part of body as it has broader sense.  It warmth color hues reflects bother positivity and negativity.

Shoulder blade feather tattoo:


It really heartouching feather tattoo grabs my attention.  Small boy gives shapes to his perceptions with feather pen that converts in butterfly.  Red, black, burgundy and orange hue fantastically used to apply this breathtaking feather tattoo. It looks like an artistic creation. This warmth and colorful tattoo splendidly cover entire shoulder blade.

Feather turn in to birds tattoo:


Smoky grey feather tattoo is ingeniously drawing on the ankle which also smaller area of leg.  Feather tip converted into tiny birds ready to explore the heights.  This one is insanely fantastic tattoo reflect the freedom of thoughts and passion. I love this delicately crated feather tattoo.

Arrow and feather tattoo:


Here feather tattoo gorgeously combine with other character to get deep meaning. Feather and warrior arrow brilliantly inserted on the wrist. It’s dreamy tattoo.  Bundling of feather and tattoo represents unity and strength.

Infinity feather tattoo:


Infinity and feather is fabulous combo that shows unbreakable relations. Infinity symbol associated with eternity and everlasting love while feather is for beauty. Here infinity symbol and feather tattoo draw to show you deep love and attachment with you family. In this way you tell how much love you have for your family member.
You can choose any two words while drawing infinity and feather tattoo such as love and music, love and faith, Life and love, and finally life and joy.

Feather tattoo anklet:

Feet are the most appropriate body part for feather tattoo for trendy ladies. Feather is a sign of beauty. Thatway it become a part of women jewelry, clothing, and other beauty related accessories. Feather anklelet is the gorgeous way to adorn feet.  Most trendy girls draw feather decorative anklet tattoo to get boho-chic and hippie charm. Black feather tattoo with fur details is lovely anklet but water color feather and chain ankle is opulent choice for smart ladies.

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